Interview w/ slaves from the Transatlantic Tonight with Emma Mathew


Good evening folks. Today we are going to be hearing from different slaves from the Transatlantic and their final interview... lets get started!

What impact does a slave from the Transatlantic have on U.S history?

The slave trade and slavery of the Transatlantic left a legacy of violence. My brothers and sisters went through a degree of power concentrated in the hands of North American slave owners, interested only in maximizing their profits, allowed excessive levels of physical punishment that have marked in many ways the development of the African-American community.


What was the point of your life?

The transatlantic slave trade was responsible for the forced migration of between 12 - 15 million people including my family. I feel like the only point of my life was just to please the North American slave owners than pleasing my own self.


How do you think you will actually be remembered?

Together, we represent one of the longest and most sustained assaults on the very life, integrity, and dignity of human beings in history. I’m sure many whites felt guilty for putting us through that tragic


What do you consider your greatest success?

I can’t really say there was any success during the trade because this time in history was a mistake for anyone to have made. Although I have no right to speak for the whites but I feel like their greatest success was taking millions innocent lives from their home


Would or could you have done things differently, if so how?

I really have wished if I had fought more for my home town and done more to be with my family. If I had, then all the millions of other slaves would stand up too and we could have made a difference. That thought goes through my head everytime I wake up in the morning and say my prayers. I just wanted a greater life than that


Do you have any regrets?

I used to be a violent slave back when they took me from my home town. Those violent mistakes led up to consequences. My one regret of making is fighting back. My mom always told me to fight for what I belive in but honestly, that pays back in the end. I have many painful purple bruises on my back


Any quotes you live by?

"I'm no longer a slave to fear"

This quote helps me fight everyday to get up in the morning. I pray to help me conquer my toughest time. I cannot fight for my fear but I can fight for that I am a human not a slave.


How was your experience traveling to America after you were taken from your hometown?

The travel to America was a dreadful experience. My family was kidnapped and lost my wife along the way. I knew I had to survive some way so I kept begging and begging to the Americans to stop. They just kept telling me the words "shut up, shut up" consistently then beat me if I would cry. I could not stop crying till I got to the land called North America.

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