The Byzantine Empire By: Isabella Valdes

Constanpole, previously known as Byzantium, was named the capital by Constantine.

Constanpole was the richest and most successful city in the whole empire.

It was easy to defend because it was on a peninsula and ships could go there easily so they made a lot of money.

Justinian I was the emperor from A.D 483- 565. He was a skilled general and a strong leader who governed with supreme power.

Justinian married a lower class woman named Theodora, or Empress Theodora. She was beautiful, intelligent, and an ambitious woman.

Justinian, along with other Byzantine emperors, were interested in arts and architecture.

Theodora showed her political wisdom during a crisis in A.D 532 when angry taxpayers threatened the government. Justinian' advisors told him to run away but Theodora told Justinian to stay and fight, and he gained power.

A mosaic is a motifs or images that are created by an arrangement of colored glass or stone.

A saint is a person who is considered holy by followers of the Christian faith.

Between A.D 533 and A.D 555, the Byzantine military had a plague which was nicknamed " The Justinian's Plague" killed millions of men in the army.


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