How to Make Fettuccine Chicken Alfredo

This dish originates from Italy and there are many versions of this dish. The three main types of this food most commonly made includes just fettuccine tossed with noodles,butter, and parmesan, or tossed with rather chicken or shrimp. This dish also tends to serve 4-6 people.

The ingredients to this dish are cheap and simple you will need

1 pound of chicken

1 pound of fettuccine

fresh parsley 2 table spoons

1 jar of prego homestyle alfredo sauce

course salt ( for putting on plate to your own preference)

black pepper( for putting on plate to your own preference)

6 oz. of parmesan cheese

1. First you cut the raw chicken into strips and saute in butter(you may also add seasoning)

2. cook chicken in skillet on medium heat until cooked turn to low once done to keep warm. Also at this time start to cook fettuccine pasta.

3. Stir alfredo sauce in skillet that's separate from the chicken one until the sauce is cooked through. cook on medium.

4.Add cooked chicken and fettuccine plus parsley to the sauce. Stir until all mixed together

5. enjoy (after you make your plate that's where you add salt or pepper)


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