The Twelfth Tuesday: We Talk About Forgiveness

In this chapter, Morrie talks about how he had this one friend named Norman. Norman and his wife moved away to Chicago. Not might long after that Morrie's wife, Charlotte, had to have a pretty big surgery. Morrie thought that since they were good friends they would call to see how Charlotte was doing, but they never did. Morrie would run into Norman from time to time, and Norman always tried to make up for the lost time; Morrie never let him. A couple years later Morrie found out that Norman had died from cancer. Morrie feels sad that he never got to see him much after Norman moved. He never was able to forgive his friend for never calling. Morrie starts to tell Mitch how we need to forgive ourselves also. We need to forgive ourselves for the different things that we never did. Morrie was saying how you should forgive yourself, forgive others before it is too late. Not everyone has the same amount of time. At the end of the chapter Morrie told Mtich that if he had another son, he would have loved Mitch to be that son.

Morrie says, "'Forgive yourself before you die. Then forgive others.'" (Albom 166).

The hands shaking with a heart around them is a symbol of forgiveness. Morrie talks about how he regrets not being able to forgive his one friend. He then needed to forgive himself for what he had not done when he knew he should have.

The message that readers should take away from this chapter is don't hold in the hatred for another. Just because a friend may have wronged you once; does not mean they aren't a good friend.

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