CVQO Westminster AWard 2019 South Africa Trip - Day 8 Blog Mitri Sharaiha - St John Ambulance Cymru

We are currently staying at the Kosi Bay Lodge where we started the day rested after a great night's sleep - some of us got a full double bed to ourselves!

We were instructed to be at breakfast by 0800 but we were up and ready at 0730 to have a look over the beautiful landscape over the lakes from a viewing point. We had breakfast and were ready to go to a school in Kosi Bay. At the school, we started to play with the children and take part in some Zulu dances and sing songs.

Once we were ready to give the presentation, the children went into a room and brought chairs and benches. There were about 300 children listening intently. Baljodh, Chloe and I gave a presentation on rhinos and issues relating to poaching.

After the presentation, the teacher thanked us and informed us it was in fact Mandela’s Day (the day which Nelson Mandela was born). For Mandela’s Day a girl gave us a speech on how on this day 67 minutes are to be spent helping other people. We were then treated to a traditional song in honour of the rhinos.

After their formal presentations, we got to play with the children. Chloe became a pied piper with an army of children singing and dancing with and behind her. We also had a five-a-side football game against the school team. With a goal from Joe and I we got it to penalties (2-2). Yasmin, Ben and Joe all scored their penalties (an open goal) it was 3-2 and if I scored my penalty we would have won the game. Sadly I missed and got roasted for the rest of the day.

The others were dancing, singing, playing volleyball and netball. After the game, and more roasting at my expense, we left with heavy hearts to the shops. The others bought some fancy dress items. After the quick shopping trip, we came back to the lodge to have lunch and get ready for a swim in the lake.

At the lake we ran straight in and started to play frisbee in the water. Everyone was having so much fun and even Devin and Tommy got into the water to relax. We waded in to our waists and just had fun. We had some play fights and Elle and I even got to have a judo competition as we both train in Britain.

We had a good competition and both gained points and we were told, next point wins, and being a kind gentleman, I let her throw me. Again I got roasted but many knew including Elle that it was staged and just for the fun of others.

We got back and relaxed until it was Braai time. This is a traditional South African barbecue. We had sausages and rump steaks cooked courtesy of Alfie. Today has been a relaxing fun day and I’m ready the next few days ahead.

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