Mesozoic era By charlie pEake

The times in the Mesozoic era are Cretaceous, Triassic, Jurassic periods

The Mesozoic is the 2nd youngest era it was 146 million years ago to 251 million years

The Mesozoic was the time of the dinosaur. It was often called the age of the reptiles

Mammals first appeared during the Triassic period and Mesozoic era

During the Cretaceous period birds began to replace flying reptiles, there hollow bones made them adapt to the environment, then the flying reptiles became extinct.

Mass extinction whipped out more than half of the animal groups including the dinosaurs

The first dinosaur appeared about 225 million years ago during the Triassic period.

During the jarasic period dinosaurs became common over the land and during that time dinosaurs ruled the earth

This is when the comet hit earth it hit during the Cenozoic era

Dinosaurs were done of the first animals on earth and there are still dinosaurs today just not big and tall

Thank you that was the Mesozoic era By: Charlie Peake

Lizard dinosaurs 🦎


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