A Day in the life of: Danielle Sohn stefany leal, noble street hs

While typing a piece of writing, Sophomore Danielle Sohn finishes an assignment about a speaker she had seen last night. Throughout the class, Sohn seemed to enjoy typing her piece. "Listening to the lectures by Ron Johnson and Thomas French were really helpful, in my opinion."

In Franklin hall, Sohn carefully contemplates seeking a possible career in writing. Sohn seemed unsure but enjoyed her course. "I don't think I see myself in a future of writing in a sense where it's journalism" Sohn said. "I want to go into law and I know there's lots of writing in that area".


During class, Sohn carefully listens to her classmates when they are speaking. This shows how she is engaged to the conversation that is going on.

While writing her piece, Sohn thoroughly revised her writing and thought how much she was improving in her class. As she spent her morning in her class, she had been thinking of how these skills could have helped her improve as a writer. " This course has taught me the logistics of writing based off what others have given me, like information, emotions, memories, memories, etc" she said. "I have definitely learned a lot of etiquette skills when it comes to being courteous to others as a writer".

During her typing session, Sohn is confidently typing her essay about a profile picture of a student in her class. She looks determined and focused to reach her goal to finish her piece of writing.

As she headed to class, Sohn had less difficulty introducing herself. As she talked to her new friends, She felt more and more comfortable when she was talking to the students. " My fear of not having any friends for the time I was here trumped the fear of introducing myself".

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