Facts about me

Facts about me and my family

Hello. My name is Lasse and I love my family. My big sister is called Marie, my big brother is called Jeppe, my mother is called Lene and my father is called Brian. When it’s summer in the spare time I do like to play soccer. But in the winter time i play only handball. I got a dog there’s called zenta. In the vacations i like to go skiing. I got a plastation 4, and I like to play Fifa.On my soccer team I play striker, and on my handball team I play play maker. But I like soccer more than handball. I live on a farm in Randbøldal. We got cows, cats, a dog and chickens. And we got a lot of grass. In the school i like the subject athletics, because we are outside and that is fun. My sister and my brother do also like the same as me. They like soccer and handball. For about a year since i go to gymnastics, but i don’t do anymore. It was very fun and i learn a lot of things. My favorite dish is spaghetti kaponada. It is a very funny history. when i go in kindergarten i got the recipe because i like the food. That was my life and a little bit about my family

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