The Science Behind of a sword swing by seannen leavy

History: Sword were made in the bronze age. At first swords was made into little daggers and it got bigger on the way. In the iron age, swords were more frequent to the Greco-Roman antiquity to the Middle Ages and the time we used it is when the we fought civil wars into the 19th century, back when. To this day we use knifes or pocket knifes, we don't use sword for combat, now we use long or short swords for collectables.

When the mass is heavier inertia increases. If the sword is too heavy for the average man to hold it gets very little inertia it is also the law of kinetic energy. the sword is too light it will do no damage or harm to the object. It depends on the materials it made from to make faster or stronger.

Different Verity of swords


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