Principles and history of typography Antria chrysanthou natalia constantinidou

Booklet: Natalie Constantinidou
Booklet: Antria Crysanthou
Shape and letter: Antria Chrysanthou
Shape and letter: Natalie Constantinidou
Experimental Typography
Golden Ratio
Typographic Grid
Project 3: Hierarchy~ Antria Chrysanthou
Project 3: Hierarchy~ Natalia Constantinidou
Type as image
Positive and negative Space
"Ray Gun" magazine, David Carson
David Carson, Graphic Designer
Typographic Hierarchy
Project 1, AntriaChrysanthou
Project 1, NataliaConstantinidou
David Carson, SwissStyle
Anatomy of typography
"Andalusian Manuscript" produced inJativa,13th century
"Selected Teaching of Buddist Sages and Son Masters" (Book) Korea, 1377
"Runic Calendar " Norway, 15th century
Everyday typography
Everyday typography
Everyday typography

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