How To Coach Preschool Gymnastics Halley Gerlikovski

Step 1:

Introduce yourself and learn their names! We want to build trust from the start so we can prevent the tears, make it easier to say goodbye to Mommy, and most of all, HAVE FUN!

Step 2:

Spots are the fun, colorful way for everyone to have a place to sit in our nice circle without feeling the need to get up and run around. The best part about the spots is that they're portable so whenever spots are needed, spots are there.

Step 3:

Stretching time is very important because this gets out muscles ready for gymnastics. Good stretching comes from involvement and entertainment in our circle. This is why when we stretch, we are more creative and pretend to make a pizza or sing songs like "Wheels On The Bus" while we do certain stretches.

Step 4:

Warm up is best done through games. The more involvement, the more order. Playing with the parachute is one of the best and most fun activities to warm up our bodies and get us ready for a great day of gymnastics.

Step 5:

Circuits, circuits, circuits! The best way to get everything going is with a circuit that goes around and around. Its repetitive and easy to get everyone following the rules. For them, its fun and different without anyone sitting and waiting.

Step 6:

Before you release the heard into the circuit, you want to walk them through it. Everyone watches as you walk your little helper through the circuit. An even better approach, if you have more than one coach, is individually walk each child through it until everyone has gone and can make it by themselves.

Step 7:

Before we start doing our activities, we need to know what we're working with. With preschool gymnastics, we don't just into skills yet as they're still working on motor skills. Make activities revolving around working our motor skills like, running, jumping with one or two feet, and more!

Step 8:

We need to be aware of when their clock is done with an activity. Once the kids start to get bored with an activity, its time to move onto the next one. Nothing good comes out of bored children in a gymnastics gym.

Step 9:

Gymnastics is more than just a physical activity (or babysitting service for parents), it also helps the child develop manners, knowing to wait patiently, how to follow directions and rules, and other great components that will help the child grow and develop in life.

Step 10:

Rewards and stamps are the best ending time reward or behavior motivator. They show parents how they did and motivate the kids toward a better behavior in order to get the stamps. Its both fun and effective!

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