1. What experience in (the core courses you have selected) has had the most impact on you and your learning? Explain in detail why this learning has been is impactful.

I was so impactful that I did an activity, which we described an apple by seeing the real apple during the Learning Environment-Third Teacher. The reason is that I knew the apple and the taste but children do not know the apple. Therefore, when I teach children the apple, I should show and try them to taste it to let them understand what it is and what it looks like rather than I just tell about it. I got to know how I need to teach the children, which I must directly show what the word is by showing and experiencing. That means active learning is very important to children so I decided to make active learning for children when I become an educator.

Moreover, designing the environment was impressed to me because I thought that the environment did not affect the children and it was not important to child care centre before I learned the designing environment. However, I knew that good designing the environment affects the children’s playing and emotion now. I realized that making good environment is one of the responsible for the educators through this course.

The outdoor environment

2. What significant knowledge/skills have you gained in the area of child development/curriculum?

I have got a goal to work at child care centre which has Reggio Emilia philosophy after learning it. The Reggio Emilia philosophy is a way to teach children by asking them to attract their interests. Its basic theory emphasizes that children have control of their learning and the educators must respect their ideas and interest and write documentations about the children’s work. In addition, their parents should be collaborators with child care centre and children. The environment needs to be used by natural materials and be beautiful, which it can give the children stimulation and motivations. Therefore, children could get to know the learning is interesting, their thinking would be broadened.

create a schedule

Another thing is that schedules, routines and transitions are important to children. Regular schedules help the children to expect what comes next and to increase attention span. In addition, it can give them more meaningful learning. The schedules involve the routine such as lunch time, nap time and outdoor time. The transitions can make children smoothly move on another routine. The children usually want to stay one routine. Therefore, the educators should create the smooth transitions which help children calm and stress-free.

The group work

These learning gave me some burdens, but they are just one step to become the educator. I should keep considering how I should play with children and how I should make good schedule for children.

Pain the town green with my classmate, Grace

3. What do you believe your role and responsibility is as a global citizen? How have you begun to demonstrate the qualities of a “global citizen” this semester?

The nature gives us many beneficial things such as clean air and healthy food. However, as the time passes, the global temperature has been increased by destroying forests and making a lot of factories. This contamination is harmful to children. Therefore, I have to consider the environment as a global citizen and I should usually keep the some rules to make safe environment. For example, recycling is needed in people's lives.

In the first semester, I participated in paint the town green which was one of the events in the school. I went to earl Bales Park to pick garbage with my friends. This event could make us realize the problems of environment and think the way to solve the problems. We pick a lot of garbage inbetween rank trees. People who threw it away might think that it was okay to only me. However, the environment is not okay. We think we have to prevent the environment which keep suffered through paint the town green. Moreover, when I design child care centre, I need to consider children as well as the environment. I would also teach them that recycle is the way to keep the environment safe.

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paint the town green

4. How do you envision your learning experiences this semester, will assist you as an Early Childhood Educator?

I did not have any ideas with the roles and qualifications of educators before taking this course. I started to draw the specific roles that the educators should do in my head through the first semester. I am thinking what children need and how I design the outdoor or indoor environment to provide the children comfortable places. When I become the educator, I would take a look the indoor and outdoor environment and take something which is at risk to children. Moreover, I would provide the play which children are interested in and try to find their interest’s cues rather than teach something directly. This course taught me more specific ways how to teach children and what I should provide them the plays.

Class activities
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