Earth Day By Madyson M.

Earth Day

By Madyson M.

Earth Day is a day we celebrate Earth. Earth is in danger and we need to change that. What you're supposed to do is recycle pick up trash and appreciate Earth. If we could pick up enough trash around the world the earth could spend more time spinning around the sun and moon so it won’t be so tired decomposing the trash we put on earth. If the Earth could talk it would say don’t litter on me. Please don’t hurt or damage me. Don’t hurt or cut down my tree’s. Don’t hurt or kill my people and animal’s. We need to use solar power and wind power because it is renewable. Instead of using nonrenewable resources. Solar is important because it is a type of energy. Also because it is gives power to us like lights and water. Wind is important because it is power to. Also because it carries seeds so there are more plants. These sources are important because there energy. Also because they help us with life. So help me save Earth.


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