Exhibit 6 values based goal setting

From the class activity we did regarding our values, the ones that I originally placed in the "very important" pile were God's Will, Family, Responsibility, Monogamy, Autonomy, Simplicity, Independence, Safety, Self-Acceptance, and Wealth. Narrowing my core values down to ten out of a hundred, I would honestly say was not that hard for me. It took a lot of thought and time for me to choose, but it was not all that difficult. But, later on in the assignment when we were asked to discard five out of the top ten, then it got pretty difficult for me. I first discarded Wealth, although it would be nice, who really needs it? It definitely did not deserve to make it to the top five. Next, Self-Acceptance went to the discard pile. I feel no need really to "accept myself as I am" I feel confident enough in myself that I don't need to play an extra role of "self-acceptance". Not to be arrogant or judgemental, I just don't believe it's important to me, I actually don't even know how it made it into my top ten. I probably read something wrong or misinterpreted the meaning of that one. The next one I put aside to the discard pile was Simplicity. Because, for a guy, I can be pretty complicated at times. Also, simplicity to me is very nice. Less things to do, less to worry about, and simplicity is just great. But it still does not take precedence over the seven remaining values. The next two to be culled out of my pile were Independence and Autonomy. They go directly hand-in-hand with one another almost. It was very tough for me to let these go. It might be my pride, I don't know, but I definitely am responsible for myself and prefer to not fully or partially rely on anyone else. And as a lot of college students might be, they're probably fighting that "independence" battle with their parents until they graduate and get a job and can stand on their own. I greatly admire that in any person. Someone who is not a "drain" on their parents or society and can pull their own weight is a beautiful sight. That's why those were tough for me to let go. So now what I have left as my top five are God's Will, Family, Monogamy, Safety and Responsibility. Yes, those are in order intentionally from greatest to least important. So naturally, responsibility gets kicked out of the top five. I have no better reason as to why other than to say the four above it were just much more important to me. Safety is the next to be dropped from the top five. Again, the only reason it was purged from the top five is only because the three above it are just that much more important. I can live without Responsibility and Safety (although irresponsibility and not being safe does get many individuals killed), at least I would still have God's Will, my Family, and one day my wife (Monogamy), to hang onto. In the end, the last value left would be God's Will because the way I see it, God's Will will unfold anyways whether it's the way I want it to or not. As His Will unfolds and is revealed, all one hundred of those values will fall right into place in my life, right where He wants them to be.

My top 10 values
All of the values, minus my top 10

One of my goals is to get married, not very soon, but I think it would be very beneficial to me to have ONE woman in my life who just means the world to me. I have been in a relationship for five years with the same girl, we met in highschool. She is one of the best things that has happened to me. I hope I can not screw that up and really want to marry her one day. This goal ties into my Monogamy value. It is a long term and ongoing goal for me to have "one close loving relationship" via marriage.

Another big goal of mine is to make my parents proud and to have a normal happy family. In my life so far, my family has been my biggest support group by far, and I am very thankful for that. I want to have my own family one day and I want to do the exact same for them as my dad did for me, support them and do all I can for them. Obviously, this is a long term goal of mine ties into my core value of Family.

Obeying God's Will is a very important yet sometimes confusing part of my life. It is a goal for me to understand what God has in store for me and I want to be able to realize that. Also, once I know what it is, I want to be able to execute his plans to the best of my ability. I understand that I am not the perfect example of a Christ follower, but it is still a highly prioritized long term goal of mine to realize what He wants from me and be able to carry out his plan through my everyday life.

As do most people, I find Safety to be very important to me. Not just my safety, but the safety of my friends, family, and those closest to me. Also, if I am out with a group of people or friends I take their safety very seriously as well. I'll do my best to keep myself and everyone around me free of harm. This is both a short term and long term goal. If I am present, I want people in my company to feel safe, not just today but as long as I'm around.

Responsibility, to me, is a long and short term goal. It should be to most everyone, considering we all have to deal with responsibility at one level or another. Responsibility, reliability, and dependability all king of go hand-in-hand to me. Being responsible is taking care of myself, going to class (work later on), taking care of those left in my care, and getting assignments done and on time. I strive to be that kind of person now and in the future. This ties in directly with my core value of Responsibility.


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