W/c 24th April Reflective Journal!

I am going to spend time researching the mechanics i have already used earlier in the project, this is so i can familiarize myself with the engine and make sure that i am progressing and improving and becoming overall more confident, i am also doing this as myself and Tom have decided due to the project deadline fast approaching it was best we expand our levels and make them more interactive and make them longer as we have discovered through play testing our game that the levels are way too short

We plan to iron out most of the big bugs in the game and expand our levels so we can reach our goal which is too have our demo levels ready for people to play. We hope to get feedback from the people who also play test our game so we can hear from the players themselves what they really like about the game, what they didn't like about the game and what they would like to see added or improved to make their experience playing the game even better.

I have found finding the solution to one bug in our game to be extremely challenging and a lot more time consuming than i originally thought it would be. I tried to used forums and youtube videos to see if i could get a better insight at why this problem was occurring but this too was a challenge in itself as most of the videos and forums showcased problems which weren't the same only similar.

I plan on fixing this problem by the Wednesday so that the main game breaking glitch/bug is fixed before we allow people to play test our game.

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Shane Swift

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