Buddha's Enlightenment By alison violette

From @AsitaOfficial : Congratulations to King Suddhondana and Queen Maya on the birth of Prince Siddhartha. He will do special things and bring peace. #Siddhartha #Bittersweet 💫✌🏽

From @PrajaptitheSister: RIP to my beautiful sister. I will care for your dear son with beauty and grace. #RipMaya #Greiving 😓

From @KingSuddhodana: He will be given everything he wants. My son deserves the world. He and I both will miss his mother. #MissYouMaya 😓😓#$poiled 💰

From @DevadattaOfficial : I shot the swan! He was my right to own! It is not Prince Siddhartha's right, all he did was heal the bird. This is injustice. INJUSTICE! #NotPleased #MySwan 😡😡

From @KingSuddhodana: Come check out my son in the contest to win the heart of @PrincessYasodhara! I believe in him. #Nervous #ParentTroubles 😬

From @PrinceSiddhartha: I am now married to the love of my life, Princess Yasodhara. Not only did I win the contest, but I hope I have won her heart. #InLove #MrandMrs 👰🏽🤵🏾

From @PrinceSiddhartha: Welcome to the world, my gracious son Rahula. Now @KingSudhodana is a grandfather! #BabyBoy 👶🏼👣💙

From @PrincessYasodhara: Rahula is thriving! Thank you for all the well wishes. We are happy here inside the palace walls, safe as can be. #BabyRahula #InsidethePalace 🏔😘👑

From @KingSudhodana: Attention subjects! Please hide your ill and old people! Decorate your homes and keep the city clean! Prepare for my son's entrance into the city. #OfficialAnnouncement #TimetoPrepare 👍🏾😒

From @PrinceSiddhartha: Sickness and death are very hard concepts for me to adjust to. I will be taking some time to be alone with theses thoughts. #ThankYou #SicknessandDeath 😔🤐

From @PrinceSiddhartha: I have been deeply moved. I have seen my destiny. My time has come. #29andStillYoung #Destiny ✨

From @Buddha: I am the Enlightened One. I am the greatest world teacher. I am BUDDHA. #Buddha #NewMe 🇮🇳🖖🏾


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