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Serra High School 40th Year Anniversary Shirts:

This Happened to be my very first client piece. The instructions of what the client wanted wasn't very in depth, it was simple. All the client wanted was a logo for the schools 40th year anniversary, so they could put it on a shirt. I got right to work. I wanted to go with the modern trend, which is a small log on the left chest and a big logo on the back of the shirt. I think that I came out looking great. I used a combination of both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I used Illustrator to make both logos, then used Photoshop to put the logos into a mockup.

Cloud 9 Fundraiser Poster

An ASB representative came into the room during lunch one day and asked if someone was able to make a small poster for ASB to distribute. They wanted some small, simple and to the point. They wanted it to be to posters per page. I gathered all the information I needed and went to work. I used mostly Illustrator to make the posters. I don't think I was able to get it to the best of my abilities, but they wanted something done for the next day, so I gave it my best shot. I think if I had more time I would be able to make it a lot better.

Library Book Club Poster

For this client, Claire and I teamed up to redo and improve the Serra Book Club posters. While she was coming up with several Ideas and outlines, I decided to help her out and modernize the "Library Conrad". I used Adobe Illustrator to make this Conrad. We worked together to make this finished poster. We thought it looked great since the librarian could replace the top picture with the "Book of the Month", which makes this design very versatile.

Space Generation Art Piece

With this piece I tried to follow a tutorial on how to create something similar to this. I stopped about half-way through the video and decided to free hand the piece. I used adobe Photoshop to create this piece. For the planets I just cropped a piece of an iceberg and copied it multiple times with some variations in them. I really like how this piece came out, with all the different colors in the back to the subtle colored stars and the pieces of "Floating Gas".

Gatorade Ad

I decided to have a little fun and mess around with one of the pictures of my friend, who also happens to be the School's starting Center in football. In this project I decided to turn a simple picture of him into a Gatorade Ad. This was a fairly simple and easy project. I "highlighted" the area that I wanted to stand out then I took the real Gatorade logo and placed it into the picture. I looked through an archive of Gatorade Logos until I found one I liked then placed it in. I think it came out pretty cool looking.

Soldier Coloration

For this project I wondered how people color in old Black and White Pictures. I looked up a tutorial , watched it and decided to give it a shot. It was fairly simple. I used Adobe Photoshop for this project. This was just a matter of selecting and colorizing the layer. it turned out looking really cool. I was able to color in all the little details like the ribbon and medal. I was even able to color in some subtle details such as the patch and rank on his arm.

Surf Co. Logo

For this project I wanted to have fun and do something similar to First Year, so I decided to make my own logo for a made-up surf company. I did a lot of different variations and the top three were my favorite. I used Adobe Illustrator for all of theses logo designs. I put them into Adobe Photoshop, so that I could place them onto a mockup. I thought it turned out really cool. I liked how the t-shits looked so I decided to contact one of my dad's friends who owns a t-shirt printing business. I was able to make my logo printed which is really cool. So now my hard work payed off and I now have a physical piece of my work.

Low Poly Portrait.

I wanted to create something that I see a lot on social media. I stumbled upon a low-poly video tutorial and decided I would give it a shot. I learned all the basic tools I needed to learn then asked Claire and Alexandra what celebrity I should choose. They chose Chris Evans, so I went with it. I used Adobe Illustrator to accomplish this piece. At first I was only going to do his head but then decided to go the whole portrait route. I think it came out way better than I thought it would. This piece is one of the best and a piece that I'm most proud of accomplishing.

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