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Since our founding in 1993, Safari West has become one of the premier wildlife destinations inthe United States. Between our expansive wildlife collection and the natural beauty of the woods and rolling hills of Sonoma County, Safari West truly is the closest you can come to Africa without going there. Guests visiting Safari West discover a 400-acre wilderness begging to be explored. With over 900 animals representing 90 different species roaming across some of the largest enclosures in the country, there’s a lot to see and do—a truly unique opportunity for a great experience.

For over twenty years, Safari West has existed as a place for people to meet the wonder of the wild face-to-face. We have introduced animals large and small to generations of visiting guests, all with the goal of igniting wonder, curiosity, and hopefully, compassion. Our mission is to inspire wildlife advocates who will help us protect and preserve these beautiful and often endangered creatures.

Safari West welcomes visitors every day in our ongoing pursuit of this mission. Our dedication to conservation, environmental education, stewardship, and individual responsibility shows in our many ongoing projects and programs. We invite you to join us in this worthy pursuit.


Safari West: 3115 Porter Creek Road Santa Rosa, CA 95404 Phone: (800) 616-2695; (707) 579-2551

Media Contacts: Aphrodite Caserta, Director of Marketing and Communications | Direct Line: 707-566-3620 | Cell: 707-575-5275 | acaserta@safariwest.com

Jared Paddock, Marketing and Communications | jpaddock@safariwest.com

Cheryl Crowley, Graphic Designer and Staff Artist | ccrowley@safariwest.com

Blog: On the Safari West blog we keep the public up to date on subjects ranging from events at the preserve to global conservation concerns. SafariWest.com/blog/

Accreditation: Safari West is fully accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Membership in this prestigious organization requires that we meet or exceed the highest standards when it comes to educational programming, conservation initiatives, and the quality of our animal care.


The mission of Safari West is to actively promote conservation, environmental education, and share knowledge that will help each individual make personal choices with regards to the environment and conservation effort


Inside the gates of this wildlife preserve, the opportunities are endless!

  • Experience the sights and sounds of the Sonoma Serengeti, the wilds of Africa in wine country!
  • Experience the sights and sounds of the Sonoma Serengeti, the wilds of Africa in wine country!
  • Spend the night ‘glamping’ in a luxurious safari tent.
  • Explore! Embark on an authentic safari in a customized safari vehicle.
  • Winos and Rhinos – Delight in private wine tasting safari!
  • Brews and Buffalo – Beer tasting on the Sonoma Serengeti!
  • Private Royal Safaris – Twilight Serengeti, Dinner at the Tree Top Aviary, and Cheetahs and Chardonnay are among the unique options available.
  • Dine out...way out...at the Savannah Grill and enjoy the quality wines and beer of Napa and Sonoma as well as some incredible imports from the African continent.
  • Enjoy private and close-up encounters with animals and behind the scene activities with our keepers.
  • Learn about our work conserving wildlife and wild places across the globe and how you can join in!
  • Indulge yourself with an in-tent Swedish pressure-point massage.
  • Photography – You’d have to board a plane to Botswana to find better photo opportunities!


We are located 75 miles north of San Francisco in the hills of Sonoma County.

Nearby Airports:

  • San Francisco International – 1 hour 30 minute drive (79 miles)
  • Oakland International - 1 hour 30 minute drive (80 miles)
  • Charles M. Schultz Sonoma County Airport - 18 minute drive (10 miles)


  • Home Town - Santa Rosa (7 miles)
  • Neighboring Towns: Calistoga (10 miles), Healdsburg (17 miles), Sonoma (27 miles)


Nancy and Peter Lang with some red river hogs

Peter Anton Lang

Peter’s love for wild places and the creatures that inhabit them came about at an early age. As a child Peter roamed freely around the back lots and sound stages of Hollywood. His father—Otto Lang—was a renowned producer and director known for shows like Daktari and Sea Hunt and films like Tora, Tora, Tora! Much of Otto’s film work involved lions, chimpanzees, and other animals and young Peter had many opportunities to work closely with these creatures.

Peter grew up but never outgrew his passion for wildlife. While operating the last cattle ranch in Beverly Hills, Peter would again find his life intersecting with that of the African plains when he purchased several eland antelope. Eland are the largest of the antelope species and are phenomenally good at clearing brush that cattle have no interest in. Before long, the cattle ranch became home to more exotic and unusual animals.

In the late 80’s Peter purchased a piece of land in the foothills of the Mayacamas Mountains north of Santa Rosa. He moved his ever-increasing herd of wild animals here and established a conservation breeding facility. On this property, Peter worked diligently to breed endangered species; work that is scientifically invaluable and critical to conservation efforts. It was while starting off on this valuable project that Peter met the woman who would one day become his wife, Dr. Nancy Lang.

Nancy Anne Lang, Ph.D.

By the time Nancy met Peter, she was already well established in the field of wildlife conservation. Her lifelong passion for wild places and creatures had led her to academia. Attaining both a B.A. and an M.A. in biology from San Francisco State University as well as a Ph.D. from the University of Wales in Cardiff, Dr. Nancy Lang initially made her mark at the San Francisco Zoo.

Over a twenty year tenure, Dr. Lang founded the Avian Conservation Center and developed a highly successful program for the propagation and release of endangered birds of prey. Dr. Lang’s achievements served her well and she quickly rose to the position of general curator at the San Francisco Zoo. These experiences would later prove invaluable to the conservation breeding programs active at Safari West today.

Peter and Nancy met, fell in love, and married. Together they transformed a 400-acre wildlife ranch into what we now know as the Safari West Wildlife Preserve. Side by side they have carefully steered this enterprise through two and half decades of growth and development. Thanks to their combined efforts, Safari West is now a leader in wildlife conservation and a premier institution for education and research.



Adventure abounds as you set out in one of our rugged, open air safari vehicles in search of zebra, wildebeest, rhinos, ostrich, and more! Roam through steep sided canyons, over rolling hills, and across open savannas on your quest. With terrain similar to that of untamed Africa, our vast herds are free to range virtually undisturbed over hundreds of acres.

Not everything can be experienced from the back of a truck however and your guide will also take you exploring through our massive open-air aviary and throughout our lower grounds where you’ll come face-to-face with cheetahs, lemurs, birds from around the world, and several species of monkey.

Throughout the safari your highly experienced guide will share fascinating stories about our collection of animals as well as tales of their wild counterparts. Many of the species you’ll learn about are increasingly rare and exceedingly endangered. This safari not only introduces you to wild creatures living wildly, but contains species that it’s now nearly impossible to find in the wild.


If you’ve ever dreamt of spending the night on the African plain, then you’ll love camping at Safari West. We have 30 luxury tents imported from Lobatse, Botswana. The heavy duty canvas walls and mesh windows lend a rustic air to an otherwise lavish experience. Each tent easily houses five or six occupants with a variety of bedding arrangements from a single king to side-by-side doubles to a double bunks arrangement that are spectacular for families. Whatever your particular arrangement, we’ve got a tent for you.

Each tent sits atop a high wooden platform with private decks providing panoramic views of the the spirit of Africa in the heart of Wine Country property. Inside the tents polished copper basins shine in the en suite bathrooms which also sport hot showers and real toilets. Polished hardwood flooring sets off the hand-hewn furniture, and ultra-plush linens adorn the comfortable beds. Each tent is even wired for electric allowing ceiling fans in summer, heating in winter, and numerous outlets to meet all your charging needs.


All this adventure builds up quite the appetite! Satisfy it at the Safari West Savannah Cafe. The Savannah Cafe provides a hearty continental breakfast to tent guests as well as barbecue lunch and dinner by reservation. The daily menu consists of selections of deliciously grilled chicken, pork, or beef prepared on our custom built outdoor barbecue pit accompanied by a variety of sides. There are always several kid-friendly selections to choose from and we can accommodate most dietary concerns. What’s more, we offer local Sonoma and Napa county wines as well as an impressive selection of beers; many of them brewed locally! Diners at the Savannah Cafe can enjoy their meal indoors in the Elephant Room, surrounded by authentic African murals and carefully curated artifacts, or they can enjoy the veranda with its panoramic views of the flamingo ponds and aviaries. Whether dining around the barbecue pit or out at Flamingo Landing, guests are certain to enjoy the backdrop of our ambling giraffes as they dine. For those on the go, there are also options for a quick refuel at our very own Delilah’s Deli.


For those looking to add a little more to the experience, we offer multiple private and specialty experiences that can be tailored to individual needs.


Take your adventure to the next level by peeking behind the curtain. On the Behind the Scenes tour you’ll team up with one of our guides and discover how the keepers keep this whole thing running. Meet and feed some of our most exciting and unique species including porcupines, warthogs, more birds than you can shake a stick at, and of course, our towering giraffes!

*The Behind the Scenes tour is subject to adjustment depending on the mood and schedules of the individual species.


A Private Safari makes your excursion even more intimate and personalized. Enjoy all the highlights of our African Safari Adventure with the unique freedom of having a guide dedicated solely to your group’s interests. By the way, this is an excellent way to guarantee a ‘Talk Nerdy to me Safari’. Depending on your occasion, needs and wishes, we offer several options for a fascinating experience so gather a group of your most adventurous friends and heed the call of the wild!


Whether it’s the beer focused Brews and Buffalo or the vino-centered Winos and Rhinos, our food and beverage tours incorporate our classic safari experience with the carefully curated beer and wine tastings that have made our region famous.


Meet up with our hard-working keepers and experience a once-in-a-lifetime face-to-face meeting with some of the most astounding creatures on the planet!


Whether it’s Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Thanksgiving, we get in the spirit of things throughout the year. Join us on Valentine’s Day and enjoy the titillating and informative Wild Jungle Love Tour (adults only of course), or visit during Father’s Day for an adventure seasoned with beers and brats. The experience of Safari West shifts with the seasons and is always fascinating!


Safari West is open both for day visits and overnight stays. Prices are seasonal and updated and posted regularly on our website.

Safari West Wildlife Foundation


The Safari West Wildlife Preserve is proud to partner with the Safari West Wildlife Foundation, a not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation. The foundation makes Safari West and its animal inhabitants accessible to kids across the greater Bay Area. With a curated spectrum of programs, they educate and inspire curious minds of all ages!


The Discover Africa program grants funding for schools in need so they can experience the Safari West preserve. Through this grant-making work, underserved students come face-to-face with the world’s most amazing animals. Enlightening, intimate, and inspiring, this is how you awaken the wildlife lover in every child!


During this weeklong day-camp, kids ages 9 to 12 explore the breadth of Safari West Wildlife Preserve. Beyond just learning about wildlife, campers take their first steps in becoming guides themselves. At Camp Nyika, kids meet wildlife where it lives!


From ages 12 to 16, the truly passionate can apply to become Junior Keepers. This immersive 10-month program introduces the real world work of wildlife management and conservation. By the end of the program, Junior Keepers are confident in their wildlife expertise and more importantly, know how to share that knowledge with others.


The partnership between the foundation and the wildlife preserve allows for some truly unique opportunities. The access to a curated collection of exotic species allows the foundation to offer research internships to several undergrads each year. Past study topics have ranged from wildebeest social behaviors to patas monkey mating rituals.

Every year, the world gets a little wilder for thousands of students, thanks to the generous donors of the Safari West Wildlife Foundation. Every dollar given makes a difference in the lives of young conservationists: making possible programs that introduce the latest in wildlife science and conservation education. To learn more please visit www.safariwestwildlifefoundation.org.



Of course Safari West is family friendly! While we don’t have programing specifically dedicated to children, the entire Safari West experience was designed with families in mind. Our mission has always been to introduce children to wildlife in need and to foster intimate interactions between families and the fantastic creatures who inhabit this world.

Due to the length of the classic safari tour, we do require that children be at least four in order to board the truck (but if you’ve booked a private tour then children of all ages are welcome).

Some additional Safari West experiences that resonate with our younger guests include the nightly marshmallow roast around the barbecue pit, the many board games and playing cards available in the Elephant Room, and of course, camping out in our awesome safari tents!


Safari West is in a constant state of greening up our practices and property. In the last several years we’ve transitioned to biodegradable soaps and cleaning products and removed disposable dinnerware from the Savanah Cafe. We’ve restricted the amount of printable materials produced in our offices and ensured all printing is double-sided. More and more of our correspondence is handled via email and the website, severely reducing our paper consumption.

Most recently we’ve updated the plumbing in the tent camp. Now rather than being wasted, all gray water from the tent showers and sinks is diverted for use in landscaping. We’ve also added additional recycling bins around property to help reduce how much we send to landfills.

A major part of our ongoing mission is the promotion of conservation and environmental education and guests are guaranteed to go home with something to think about. Our entire staff, from the guides and keepers, to the restaurant staff and housekeepers, has a daily focus on conservation.

Many of these images, plus more, are available for download for editorial use from our Media Folder on Dropbox!

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