Tour of the Harn Museum By Michael Morris

One piece of artwork that stuck out to me the most was a mask from the 20th century made by the Ibibio people of Nigeria. the face mask or in their lanuage, an mbop, and the masks represent people who have died that had morally sound lives or the opposite and represent those who didnt have a morally sound life and wont enter the spirit world. Ive seen images of these masks before, however seing all of the detail in person was truly amazing.

The design of the museum was extremely easy to follow and organized. There were benches like depicted above to sit an gaze at te artwork. The wall structures in the middle of the floor had art work on both sides with many different types. Overall the plan and organization of the museum was superb and it defenitly made the experience much more enjoyable.
This piece of art work was made in Korea in the 17th century. Although the sculpture appears to be made of metal, however, it actually is made of wood. This peice is called the Seated Bodhisattva and is symbolic of the Buddhist Saint and Savior. Although I do not practice Buddhism, and in fact Im a Christain this artwork still means something to me. because its a spirtual piece that people used to worship and praise. I have the uttermost respect for every religion that soemone wants to practice and that is why this peice stood out to me when describing my core values.
This peice of artwork is called Family by Augustin Cardenas in 1991. He was born in Cuba in 1927 and moved to Paris in 1955 where he joined the surrealist movement and became a sculptor. This piece has to do with the "good life" for me because family means the world to me. I have great parents that have raised me extremely well and would not be here without them. Also, my brother is one of my best friends and I actually have the oppurtunity to live with him here at the University of Florida. Family is the most important thing in my life and I literally would not be doing this project and living this amzing life without them.
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