Spring Softball Showdown • March 27&28, 2021 Presented by JOhnJohn Sports LLC.

Saturday, March 27, 2021 • Coed Tournament •First round starts @ 8am

Sunday, March 28, 2021 • Men's Tournament •First round starts @ 8am

Event Details: Join us for a recreational one day charity softball tournament. There will be music, free photos, and free samples for all participants. Winners will receive prizes. Seeding will be determined by a blind draw and all games will be officiated. Every team is guaranteed at least two games.

  • Blind Draw
  • Three game guarantee
  • Adult Co-ed (6 men/4 women)
  • Slow-pitch
  • ASA (USA) Rules
  • Prizes for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place teams

Proceeds benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

Venue: Seminole County Softball Complex

Team Registration Cost: $300 + registration fees

Free Agent Registration Cost: $40 + registration fees

*Payment accepted via PayPal (JohnJohnSportsLLC@gmail.com) and through Eventbrite

*Specific details about rules and scheduling will be sent following registration.

Contact Us at JohnJohnSportsLLC@gmail.com with questions.


Registration: All players must register with proper identification before they are eligible to play in any game. Players not registered will not be allowed to play until they register.

***Players are only eligible to play for one team***

  • Adult Co-ED (All players must be over 18; 6 men & 4 women on field at all times) (10 men on field)
  • 12 batters can bat each game (2 additional batters can be male or female)
  • 16 player tournament roster max
  • All bats must be ASA/USA stamped
  • All teams must bring 3 new 12" 52/300 softballs (balls will be available for sale)
  • Ball Count: 1-1 count, with one courtesy foul
  • Home Team: Coin toss will determine Home Team
  • Three game guarantee
  • Championship (1st & 2nd): Team with the best record or most runs is Home Team… Otherwise, coin toss will determine Home Team
  • Stealing: No Stealing allowed!
  • Mercy Rule: 20 after 3, 15 after 4, 10 after 5 innings
  • Courtesy Runner: Teams will be permitted one courtesy runner per inning. The courtesy runner can be any player of the same gender in on the lineup card for that game (subs must be listed). If the courtesy runner is due up to bat while on base, an out will be recorded in that player’s spot in the batting order.
  • Equipment: Bats: Must meet current ASA/USA standards (Umpires will check all bats)
  • No metal cleats…
  • 7-run per inning limit for first 5 inning
  • 2 HR per game limit; inning automatically ends after when 3rd HR is hit unless HR band purchased and used
  • Game length: No new inning will begin after 55 minutes!
  • Championship game (1st & 2nd): Full 7 innings, no time limit (Mercy Rule applies)

Tie Games:

  • One pitch playoff format after 7 full innings or time limit, whichever comes first!
  • Last batted out goes to second base! This playoff format is referred to as Kansas City Tiebreaker!

Uniform Rule – Teams are not required to have like-colored uniforms; use of numbers on shirts is encouraged.

Protest: Umpire decisions on balls, strikes, out calls, other judgment calls will not be considered grounds for protest! Officials are to be respected at all times.

Suspension of Play: The Umpire or Field Maintenance Supervisor can suspend Play if inclement weather is approaching or present. If the weather is such that play must be suspended or cancelled during the tournament, the contingency plans are to, speed up play (i.e. one-pitch).

Sportsmanship: It is our goal to host a fair and inclusive event for all participants. Offensive comments about any individual or groups will not be tolerated. If you are ejected from the game by an umpire, you must immediately leave the venue. Offensive comments and behavior will not be tolerated. However, we are confident that everyone will respect each other.

Note: Some of these rules have been modified for the purpose of this tournament. The rules listed above override the ASA/USA rules in the official ASA/USA Rules of Play Guidebook. All other rules of play, not outlined above, are per ASA guidelines.


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