James Innes A Biography by Harry Lowy

The Colonial Halberd

This is a photograph of an interpreter using a halberd, made of fabric, wood, and iron. This weapon was used as a sign of economic status, meaning that you were a military sergeant. Once, the halberd was a weapon used by British infantry troops during the Middle Ages, but it is no longer a practical fighting weapon. This was a weapon used and developed by the people of England, therefore making it an English invention.

The Colonial Exhibit

This photograph is of Mrs. Rider, one of my chaperones, wearing a suit of iron armor by a blacksmith's shop. This armor was meant to be used as a form of protection against Spanish musketeers, but ended up as a good defense against Native American arrows.

The Blacksmith's Shop

I, being a high ranking military officer, immediately noticed the many possible uses of this metal for army purposes. First off, I could smell a strong stench of sweat and hard work, so I knew these men were fit to work, and the feel of the place was like it was for work and only work. It looked as if there was a variety of tools and beautiful completed metal works, the likes of which I could never afford. At this blacksmith's shop, I could probably buy a fresh flintlock mechanism, all of the necessary tools to live, as well as some metal decorative fixtures. If I wanted to get something from the shop, I would probably register a request with the head store owner, determine a price, and if it is affordable, they would make it and I would come back to pick it up a few days later.r

The Grand House

The House of Peyton Randolph

Earlier today, I walked by the house of Peyton Randolph, probably the richest man in Virginia. Me, being a high middle class officer, would never have a chance to go there, save for strict dancing balls. I look foreword to that day. I also would like to visit their famously grand dining hall, the one that is bigger than the average house. They say that they have silver utensils, real china, and imported wallpaper. The food they serve is also supposed to be some of the best, as they have a whole team of slaves working on one meal. This would be a dream if I could only get into that famous room, almost as grand as meeting his majesty.

This was James's Innes biography, by Harry Lowy.

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