Crushed By Parkway Drive


2015 | Metal

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“To the left I see the rats and to the right I see the snakes. -- In my ear they're whispering sweet sermons of cruel hate. -- So do you buy the fear, or do you buy the lies. -- Tell me, what will set us free. -- Do we kneel before the crooked few or do we bite the fucking hand that feeds."


  • Ire hit #29 on the Billboard 200.
  • Parkway Drive is an Australian metal band from Byron Bay, New South Wales, formed in 2003.
  • Ire reached #1 on the Australian ARIA charts.


Luke Tatum

"'Cause if you can't see the chains, tell me what use is a key?" A lesson we've all had to learn at one point or another in working with our friends, family, and coworkers. All you want to do is tell them how public policing breeds division and hatred, how the government has committed horrible atrocities and we have no evidence to suspect it has changed plans for the future...but where are they? What's their level of readiness to receive this information? For most people, it's zero. Or, pretty close to zero. They're thinking about the best way to implement student loan forgiveness. Or what the universal basic income could do for them. Or why billionaires "should be allowed to exist." You can't hand these people a copy of "Anatomy of the State" and expect to have a new Ancap best friend. Trust me, I've tried! There are a lot of locks that need opening, but the first (and perhaps biggest!) task is to show them the chains.

Sherry Voluntary

“We're just waiting for the sky to fall, yeah I'm just waiting.”

I think these lyrics say what so many of us feel. We know things need to change, but when is the jump point? It’s unfortunate, but I think we are waiting for that one thing that will finally be just too far. I think we wish for a situation that will suddenly open the eyes of everyone in the country and they will all simultaneously wake up and see that we were right about The State all along. I think this is “we the people” thinking. A belief that most Americans hold the same values and there is a place where the line in the sand will be drawn and “the people: will be on the side of freedom and we’ll all move to set things right. Unfortunately, I think that is a falsehood perpetuated by The State to keep people from acting.. If you look around and don’t see ‘the people” moving to set things right, then it must not be time, right? I hope for things to change for the better. I want people to have more freedom to live as they wish out from under the thumb of the political elite, and I hope it can be done without watering the tree of liberty.

Nicky P

Can this song just be a bold slap in the face of anyone that is still pretending that a two party electoral system is the dumbest idea ever unless your goal is to hang onto governmental power. I love the visuals of rats to the left and snakes to the right. It's so indicative of how so many of see the political landscape. The left is a bunch of opportunists doing whatever they can and any means necessary to move political will in their favor. School shootings, national tragedies? All fair game. On the right we've got a bunch of lying snakes saying the right things often but never trying to move policy in the direction their ideology would warrant. In the end either of those paths is easily manipulable to help centralize authority toward those who would want such things.

Created By
Nicky P