Libra J. Hicks Founder / President of Our Children's Story, Inc. a 501c3 Organization


Mother, Speaker, Philanthropist, Podcast Host, Sneaker Designer, Health and Wellness Coach

470 Dacula Rd #1694 | Dacula| GA | 30019


Libra J. Hicks is passionate about helping women who live a similar lifestyle as she does. She's taken everything she's learned on this special needs parenting journey and gifted back to those who are hopeless!

After complications from a traumatic birthing that occurred on December 15th, 2005 which lead to her oldest son's diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy, Libra began to engulf herself in the necessary things that would give her the knowledge she needed to carry her son's weight (figuratively and literally).

The care for her oldest intensified as new challenges presented themselves. As Libra continued to learn more about her son and all that he needed, she discovered a lack of knowledge, self-worth, access to resources, etc. Gaining knowledge was a complicated thing and something that was common across the board. Lack of inclusion and understanding of the special needs community was something that stood out the most for Libra.

As time grew, Libra decided to embark on a 501c3 that would gift her the ability to fully assist her community in areas that are most needed to help offer aid and assistance where assistance and resources lack.

In 2017 Libra's youngest son, Lyric Ja'Dore was diagnosed with Autism. Since then, she's added another reason Our Children's Story, Inc. is important and needed. Each day there's a newborn that's has experienced or will experience some form of a disability, who will be there to support them when their parents need guidance?

Libra's accomplishments are as followed:

Libra has a desire to show moms/women who care for loved ones with disabilities that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is possible to achieve. As long as there's the desire and willingness to be uncomfortable for as long as it takes to achieve your greatness!

Our Children's Story, Inc. has been in operation since 2017. Since its birth, we've served over 500 families across the united states. During COVID virtual has been the answer for continued services to families at a distance.

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