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Since 1997 working in Music Production, Composition and Sound Design.

Georg Reddig, Audio Engineer & Musician

Audio Production & Music composition

Some of the projects I was involved into, as Composer, Producer, Singer, Instrumentalist, Sound Designer and Audio Engineer.

Current music releases

My recent Solo-Band-Project "DOWN IN THE SKY"

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Light & Shadows - instrumental Music Video

The Session Dogs - Live Studio Session

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some MUSIC videos

Since 2007 the Reddig brothers from Cologne have been performing improvised live recording sessions every 1 to 2 years. Sometimes with other friends Musicians. The single „We don't know“ resulted during their latest session, when the two came together in their Session Room in Spain at the last second before Europe's shutdown and the public curfew was declared. Authentic rough Rock'n'Roll, straight and uncensored.

Music video by german rapper Li "Verschenkt und verkauft", which we produced after finishing his third HipHop album in our studio. Camera and Video-Production by Film-Editing Artist Bernhard Reddig www.steppenbrand-pictures.de

Spontaneous Live-Performance of Kerry Lee Corr in my living room, captured on camera by my friend and Photo Artist Jan Postel www.janpostel.com

“To get your playing more forceful, hit the drums harder.”

Sound Design

Here you find a compilation of some parts of the Sound Design Production I did for cinema movies and short films.

»As always brilliantly filmed and backed by plenty of existential laconicism, this film is again a plea for resisting humanity.« (Review on Weisse Ritter)

watch my SHOWREEL:

This is the FOOTAGE, that I used for my Sound Design Showreel:

Weiße Ritter - Markus Mischkowski und Kai Maria Steinkühler

Sisyphus Runs - Hayden Chisholm

Geisterbahn - Tine Kluth

Honey & Funny - Esther Schweins & Miriam Henseling

Schwarzgeärgert - Klaus Henkelmann

Bodo & Jansen - Georg & Bernhard Reddig

Cineleusis - Christos Dassios

Weerulin - Weerulin GmbH

Steppenbrand Pictures - Bernhard Reddig

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