Chase, WI Kaydee bohl

8481 County Road S Pulaski, WI 54162


Gary Van Lannen (920)655-4277

Robert Demuth (920)468-3081

Jolene Schwarm (920)822-2529


Dennis Kroll (920)822-5909

Tammy Willems (920)822-2529

Pulaski wants a new fire truck for the department. They approved purchasing a truck from Howard. This is because they had 156 calls to date, with 16 to Chase.

Pulaski dicided that they want to get a new rescue squad. There were 50 runs on in December and 9 of those where from Chase. My opinion is to get a new on because then we can save more lives. You can't pit a price on someone's life.

There have been not a lot of animals coming in. Only reports of missing animals. So they don't need more animal control.

In the town of chase at the stone barn. There are picnics and they are deciding that they are doing it this year.

The chase stone barn wants new lights. So that they can have more night reservations. This wasn't dicided yet.

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