Ireland By: Caty and Michael

Weather: The average weather year round is 41-60 degrees F. It rains almost every day. If it is not raining, then it is very cloudy. Met Eireann is the national meteorological weather service in Ireland.
Music: They have country roots, modern rock, rock and roll, punk rock, and many other genres in their music. The bodhran is a traditional Irish drum. The fiddle is also a pretty common instrument used in Irish traditional music. U2 is an Irish band. The Irish harp is on the euro.
Art: One of the best known living artists is Brian O'Doherty. He is an art historian, sculpture, and conceptual artist. In Ireland there is a lot of Catholic and Celtic art pieces. The Whistle of a Jacket is a famous painting by Jack Butler Yeats. Irish art started to be created in 3200 BC.
Culture:Their culture is mostly Gaelic and also has some influence from the Scottish and English culture. They modify some of our regular holidays. They practice Christian and Celtic religions. A famous Irish brewery is Guinness. The story of Count Dracula was written by an Irish man.
Architecture: A lot of Ireland's architecture is from the Stone Age. Ireland is known for their ruined and intact Norman and Anglo-Irish castles. Irish castles and cathedrals play a big part in their architecture. The Medieval Times has the greatest castles that were built. Irish castles were always built on the highest ground. Irish architecture is similar to the architecture in Colonial Williamsburg.
Food:A full breakfast is bacon,sausage,and eggs. They also eat a lot of Irish stew. Irish stew consists of: Lamb or Mutton, potatoes, carrots, onions, and parsley. Irish Soda bread is one of the most consumed types of bread. Corned Beef is a big part of many of the holiday meals.
I.B. Schools: Ireland has had I.B. Schools since 1982. They have one school for each programme. They are the Primary, Middle Years, and the Diploma Programme. The international school of Dublin is an I.B. School. It is the only school to offer the Primary Years Programme.

The Shamrock is the National Symbol of Ireland.

The capital of Ireland is Dublin. The population of Ireland is over 4.8 million.

The average height of men is 5'8". Only 9% of the Irish population are natural redheads. Many Irish families' last names begin with "Mac" or "O". For Example: Bridget O'Leary.

Christianity is the largest Religion in Ireland. 90% of people stated in a census that they were Christians. Saint Patrick is known as the Apostle of Ireland. He is also the primary Patron Saint of Ireland.

Boxing is Ireland's most successful sport in the Olympic Games. Steve Collins is one of the best boxers from Ireland. He was born in Dublin and raised there.


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