Courageous Movie Vs BOok

The book "Courageous" is based on the screen play of Axle and Stephen Kendricks movie Courageous. The law enforcement officers (Adam Mitchell, Nathen Hayes, Shane Fuller, and Jeff Henderson), battles a battle their quite not ready for. Adam battles his inner conscience because his youngest Emily died from a car accident while riding with her friend to that friends birthday, and since this happend it's been even harder to bond with his son. Nathan Hayes battle his daughter as she goes though 15-17 and "needs" a boyfriend and since she has one he's skeptical about him. Shane Fuller not much goes on with except for the fact that he's another cop who's friends with Adam, Nathan, Jeff, and friends. Jeff commits suicide because he couldn't fix the issue between his wife and kids and his work so his wife and kids moved to California to better themselves which led to his death. Other main characters such as Javier Martinez who's dirt poor and gets laid off his job and can't find one so he becomes friends with these cops and gets work from them. Courageous in a nutshell, a very good book and has my recommendations for it.

The movie is practically the same thing considering it was first and the book was written by the producers of the movie. Both the movie and the book are faith based and have an awesome story. It's not based on a true story but has very good ratings on both. If I were to pick which one I like more would be both because it's a lot better to see the story unfold, and if your still cliff hung you could still go and read the book with the same exact story but will get more background from it. I guess I could say the book is better but I still like both.

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