LGBTQ Rights In Trinidad and Tobago

I choose to do this topic because of many reason. One of them is that my sister and I is a part of the community and my mom is from Trinidad and Tobago. I remembered that the last time we went there, the people were making fun of gay people. Also the people there are very cultural. So that made me wonder what were the LGBTQ rights in Trinidad and Tobago.

First things first, I'm going to refer to buggery as same sex relations. So in "Section 13 (1) makes buggery an offence and makes any person who is found guilty of same sex relations liable on conviction to imprisonment if committed by an adult on a minor, for life;" ( )

Now I was wondering, what if someone who is gay wanted to go into the country? Well "Gays and lesbians who are not citizens or residents of Trinidad and Tobago fall within a class of people who are prohibited from entering the country." ( cited above.) But this law is rarely enforced.

Finally I found this, "Despite the fact that the Equal Opportunity Act Chap. 22:03 is the main piece of legislation in Trinidad and Tobago designed to protect all citizens from certain kinds of discrimination, “sexual orientation” is explicitly excluded from the statuses protected under Section 3 of the Act." ( cited above.) So that means anyone can discriminate anyone in the LGBTQ community and the victim can't do anything about it.

So in all, the people are still fighting for their rights and Trinidad and Tobago needs to get with the times.


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