Legend of the Girl of the Sloterplas creating images with my neighbor's daughter

This is my neighbor's daughter.

A bubbly girl, filled with stories, music, jokes and laughter. And she loves horror movies.

I took this picture of her, one sunny afternoon, while we were walking Doggy and I asked her if she liked the feel of it after I ran it through Snapseed. She loved it.

Not only did she love it, she started directing my follow-up pictures.

She wanted to look ghost-like, like the ghouly Japanese horror-girls.

As we were taking and creating the pictures, she thought up a story about what could have happened to her character. Details changed, the story developed and now we have plans for a movie...

So I give you: The Legend of the Girl of the Sloterplas.

After a convoluted tragic free-running accident at the parcour-track in the Sloterpark, involving jumping too far and ending up in the Sloterplas, the Girl drowned. Sad that she couldn't play at her favorite sport anymore, the Girl started to haunt the track, luring young athletes into the water to join her.

Last we know is...

And that is where she hesitated.

"Would you like the story to have a happy or a sad ending?" she said.

"Hm. Well, most horrors end on a sad note, so why shouldn't we be creative and make it a happy ending?"

"But what if that happy ending means that the Girl has to die?" she pondered. "That would be sad for me!"

I love working with creative kids.


credits @misja.online