Tiger Tracks MUFSD's monthly e-news

October, 2020

District Highlights

  • District Unveils Plans for STEAM Lab and Culinary Lab at MHS
  • Equity Team Kicks Off Community Town Hall Series
  • NY State Covid-19 Report Card Now Posted on MUFSD Website
  • Avenues for Support: Reach Out and Tell Us What You Need!
  • Literacy Footprints Info Session Being Held Thursday, 10/29 for Elem Parents
  • Hommocks App Enables Students to Track Independent Reading
  • New Intramural Program Making Middle School Sports Accessible to All
  • MHS Club App Shows Breadth and Depth of Student Interests
  • Making Music in Mamaroneck
  • Elementary Art on Display in Virtual Galleries

District Unveils Plans for STEAM Lab and Culinary Lab at Mamaroneck High School

Currently, plans are being developed at Mamaroneck High School for a state-of-the-art STEAM Lab, an innovative space that will integrate the Engineering, Computer Science and Design disciplines and build students' professional skills in design fields including human-centered design, environmental, product, web, package design, and global branding strategies. This space will support the design processes with collaborative group work, think tank brainstorming, research, hands-on labs, and design analysis.

"The main goal of our programs is to experience a real world collaborative setting, interacting and problem-solving with peers and professionals. Through these connections, designers will create new materials of value that are responsive to the needs of a society in flux and to contribute objects and campaigns of worth that integrate the best in design and design thinking for the 21st-century marketplace." - STEAM Lab Team (Design Teacher Gwynne Bettencourt, Computer Science Teacher Jigar Jidav, and Engineering Teacher Jim Love)
Above, sample design of STEAM Lab space presented at 10/20 BOE meeting

Mamaroneck High School Culinary Teacher Chef Bryan Luff is preparing to take his culinary curriculum to new heights. His culinary class provides a unique "pathway" for students interested in developing necessary skills in the field. The new Culinary Lab will provide a modern space for students to learn and practice these skills and even manage a small campus café.

"My students are greatly looking forward to working inside a cutting edge culinary facility. It will encourage them to grow as both students and working professionals. We are overjoyed and excited to know that our department is about to take a giant leap forward!" - Chef Luff
Above, sample design of Culinary Lab space presented at 10/20 BOE meeting

District Equity Team Kicks Off Series of Community Forums

The Mamaroneck School District Equity Team began this month the process of seeking input from the broader community on the draft District Multi-Year Equity Plan (official name). The first of three virtual town hall meetings was held on Oct. 22, with nearly 200 community members viewing the Zoom webinar and many individuals asking questions and/or commenting. Prior to the meeting, community members had submitted questions and comments through an online survey form. The second town hall is being held in Spanish on Wednesday, Oct. 28, and the third is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 10 (revised date) with MUFSD alumni.

NY State Covid Report Card Now Posted on MUFSD Website

In an effort to ensure that community members have access to the most up-to-date stats on confirmed positive COVID-19 cases in our school district, the NY State COVID-19 Report Card is now available on the District website. This online dashboard tracks real-time COVID-19 infections and testing operations of every N Y school and school district, providing parents, teachers, and students with comprehensive data updated on a daily basis, including:

  • Positive infections by date of students & staff by school & school district\
  • Whether school/district (& student and staff) are remote, in-person, or hybrid
  • Number of students and staff on-site
  • Percentage of on-site students & staff who test positive
  • Number of tests administered by the school, test type, lab used and lag time

When You Need Extra Support...

The District is working collaboratively with community agencies to provide multiple avenues of support for students and families. Below is a short list of contact info for support services within the schools and community.

Literacy Footprints Info Session Being Held Thursday, 10/29 for Elementary Parents

An info session has been planned for parents on Literacy Footprints, a research-based guided reading system. Learn how teachers at our four elementary schools are using this resource to provide targeted, differentiated instruction in both hybrid and remote settings and how you can use Literacy Footprints at home to support your child's reading. This virtual meeting begins at 7 pm on Thursday, Oct. 29. It's not too late to register!

Hommocks App Enables Students to Track Independent Reading/Develop Reading Portfolios

This fall Hommocks launched the new independent reading app, HMXReads, with students and teachers. Over the summer the Hommocks Literacy team turned to Mike Sammartano, Instructional Technology Coach, to develop a tool that would fuel students' reading lives during hybrid learning. The app allows students to track the books they've completed and those they want to read, request books from the school library, browse and request book suggestions from teachers, access digital library collections and more. Parents, ask your child to show you their HMXReads profile by logging in with Google here.

New Intramural Program Making Middle School Sports Accessible to All

The newly-created Hommocks Intramural Sports program has kicked off this month for 7th and 8th graders with a successful start. With no tryouts (and thus not cuts), Hommocks Field Hockey, Boys and Girls Cross Country and and Boys and Girls Soccer are being enjoyed by any student who wanted to participate, adhering to New York State Department of Health and NYSPHSAA protocols and guidelines. Unlike interscholastic programs, intramural athletic programs do not compete against other schools. Competition is in-house, in the form of pickup games. There is no cost associated with participating.

"Although we are of course disappointed that Section 1 schools - including Hommocks - are not able to operate fall modified sports due to Covid-19, we are thrilled with this exciting new addition to our sports program and, to date, have 235 students actively participating."
The new intramural sports program at Hommocks is allowing 7th and 8th grade students to participate without tryouts/cuts.

MHS Club App Shows Breadth and Depth of Interests

A new website/app called MHS ClubHub highlights a robust selection of about 60 clubs being offered virtually this year for Mamaroneck High School students. Students can find clubs listed by category, as well as alphabetically, along with short video presentations by club presidents and an opportunity to sign up to learn more. In the first three days of its launch, more than 750 students logged on to check it out; to date, 500+ students have signed on to participate in clubs.

Still Making Music in Mamaroneck

The pandemic doesn't stop the music. Students throughout the school district are creatively making music in assorted venues. At the Hommocks and MHS, you can hear the bands, drum line and choruses practicing outside and in the auditorium. Meanwhile our elementary students are enjoying instrumental and general music virtually. Stay tuned for some wonderful audio and video sharing!

Elementary Art on Display in Virtual Galleries

Check out this work by our budding elementary school artists at Central School. Similar virtual galleries will be on display soon at all of our elementary schools.