Florida Museum of Natural History by julia moreno

Nature on Display

The display that I'm sure must have captured everyone's attention was the butterfly garden. Not only is it lush with plants, ponds, fish, and flowers, but among them flap the wings of beautiful butterflies. The design mimicked an actual life-like habitat and the roof soared to a tall height allowing ample room for the living to flourish. This exhibit was especially unique because it featured live elements, without these we could only picture the way these insects live rather than a first-hand experience. The atmosphere was so relaxing yet engaging, I found it extremely enjoyable.

Nature & Ethics

The Florida Museum of Natural History went above and beyond to make sure that those appreciating the exhibits know that we can not coexist with such wonderful creatures without respecting, admiring, and caring for the way we treat them and their environments. For example, the crustacean exhibit and the shark exhibit as well as others show the extinction of larger predators and previous life that no longer live on the earth. Previous to my visit I had my own values and beliefs about the importance of loving the earth, however I found that the museum made it clear for all visitors the importance of caring for our environment that I hold so dear to my heart.

Nature & The Human SPirit

The museum helps us to step out of our daily lives by helping us explore the lives of others. For example, it is at this exhibit viewers can educate themselves on the daily tasks of other ethnicity and cultures in comparison to our own and the way they treat the earth with respect to their culture. This helps us better appreciate or evaluate the way we live so we can improve on the world around us.

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