Sportville By Jacob Settles

Sportopia is a community that evolves around your athletic ability. Everyone is required to do at least 2 sports and are required to hit the gym at least once a 3 times a week. There are 6 gyms around sportopia and there are places for every sport. Parents are required to find jobs around the area. We have jobs in sportopia but require certain experiences.

These are just some of the sports we have to offer. The type of people that live here are people who want to get better and people who push themselves. People of different religions and skin variations are allowed. Although people with violent pasts or past criminal records will be denied.

The main goal of sportopia is to push yourself and others. People in the community are looking for role models. Also people care about the wellness of there children so they look for good schooling and a good school district. Also they look for good coaching staff who push there kids to the best of there ability.

Some things I think people should know is you have to have around a $72,000 yearly income and the average housing costs around $150,000. Also kids that live there are required to run under a 7 minute mile. Also there required to run this mile every 3 months. There's teams for every sport and if there is not enough people to play in a sport that sport will not have any games until the right amount of people join. But practice will still go on. Lastly you have 2 months to find a sport and join.


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