Amount of deaths during sleep by Martin wessely

What is the only guarantee in life?

Death, but that is not the reason I chose the topic of death during sleep. The reason is classified but I find this an interesting topic. This is beacause I wouldn't have thought that this would go down. I guessed that the line would be more or less even. In the old days people were scared of going to sleep because of dying. I find people are way too scared of death it will happen whatever happens anyways.

Work for 1st slope (black)
Work for 2nd slope (green)
Work for 3rd slope (orange)
My graph without lines and curves
my graph with lines
prediction for in 50 years 500 deaths
My prediction for in 95 years 500 deaths

I believe that these predictions will not be 100% accurate but it will be something close to it (unless it is possible to live forever (Alfie believes this))

I had one outlier (the one in red)
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Martin Wessely

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