Game of Tetris Breeley Bodine

Tetris was made in Russia by Alexey Pajitnov for fun in his office. Just to see if he could, and to pass time at work.

Tetris attracted many companies, the most popular being Nintendo and Atari, and rights were dealt with by complicated handshake deals.

Tetris surprisingly, has several health benefits.

Tetris has been known to slow or prevent drug addictions, improve coordination. And puzzles like this even slow or stop Alzheimer disease.

Humans have played games since we have existed. They help our minds activate and use strategics without knowing it.

Tetris has affected today greatly. It changed ways of thinking and helped people progress in art.

“Art remains essential to the human experience. Art is a crucial human tool we need to navigate life." -Box Brown


Created with images by Wicker Paradise - "Stackable Tetris Light" • Diego Rivers - "Tetris" • emmaloola - "atari neon sign" • tommot0110 - "nintendo-logo" • TeroVesalainen - "handshake hand give" • mat_walker - "Tetris fridge magnets" • IsaacMao - "Brain" • jarmoluk - "football the ball sport" • InspiredImages - "blue glass marbles" • pixel2013 - "tic tac toe love heart" • WikimediaImages - "video game console video game play" • cofiem - "City" • Malcolm Tredinnick - "Warning! Tetris Over Head"

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