Geoagraphy Culmating Task BY JUSTIN OLIVER

In my presentation I have chosen three countries to represent, I am representing Canada, Jamaica, and Iraq, and their qualitys of life, good and bad. Like their income rate, death rate, GDP, birth rate, and finally the life expectancy.

This country is Iraq, and has the lowest quality of life of my three countries, the country has a birth rate of 4.09 children per woman, the GDP is 229.3 billion dollars, a death rate of 6.4 per 1000 people, an income rate of 5119.3 dollars a year, and finally the life expectancy is 69.1 years per person.

The next country is Jamaica, Jamaica would be the in the middle for quality for life for out of our three country's, first will be the birth rate, the birth rate is 2.2 children per woman, the death rate is 6.7 deaths per 1000 people, the GDP is 14.36 billion, now the life expectancy is 70.3 years per person, and finally the income rate, 4538 dollars per year.

And last but not least is Canada, Canada on our list has the best quality of life on our list, this is because the GDP is 51, 958 dollars, the death rate is 8.5 people per 1000, the birth rate is 2.1 children per woman, the life expectancy rate is 81.24 years a person, and finally the main income a year is 50000 dollars.

There you have it, the qualities of life themselves and their country's, and as you can see some are worse and better than others. Like how canadas has the best on our list and Iraq has the worst of qualities.


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