SAVE THE RED PANDA! by Naia Brennan

What does a Red Panda look like?

What is red, white, black and looks like a Pokemon character? A Red Panda! First, let’s look at the Red Panda’s height. A male is 11-14 pounds and is two feet long!!! A female weighs 8-17 pounds and is 56-62.5 centimeters long! A baby weighs 6-10 pounds and is 20-26 inches long! Second, this mammal’s body is also amazing! It’s fur colors are cinnamon, black, red, orange, yellow and cream. Their fur is to keep them warm in the Himalayas. They also have sharp claws for climbing and eating, and have a long, striped tail for balance. Last, i’ll tell you some interesting facts. They can live from 8-10 years in the wild and 10-15 years in a zoo. Also, they have black bellies for camouflage. If you ever see a Red Panda, take some time to admire this adorable animal!

a red panda has many colors!

Where does a Red Panda live?

Of course, if you ever want to see a Red Panda, you’re going to need to know where they live. First, they live in Asia, in the Eastern himalayas. Also, they live in Nepal, India, Bhutan, China and Myanmar. Second, I want you to know about the Red Panda’s climate. The temperature is usually 50-75 degrees in Summer and Spring. The rain can reach about 140 inches of rain. Last, you need to know where they sleep. They make nests of twigs, leaves, moss and grass in a tree. Red Pandas also rest in tree crevices. If you ever see a Red Panda, they are almost always sleeping in their habitat!

red pandas sleep 2-3 hours a day!

What does a Red Panda eat?

Have you ever wondered what a Red Panda eats? Well, I'm about to tell you. First, they are omnivores. They eat bamboo, berries, eggs, grass, fruit, small animals, insects, acorns, flowers, biscuits, dog food, grapes, apples and yams. Second, it uses its sharp claws and false thumb to climb trees and get food. And it also uses its long tail for balance. The Red Panda will drag unfinished meals into a tree (if it isn't already there) and hides it. Also, they use their sharp claws to eat meals. Last, Red Pandas have predators. Snow leopards will catch and eat Red Pandas. Martens also catch and eat Red Pandas. But the Red Panda’s biggest predator is humans. Humans will kill Red Pandas for trophies and their fur. Red pandas also fall into traps meant for other animals. Clearly, the Red Panda is a very hungry eater!

a red panda eats from 3-4 hours a day!

Why are Red Pandas endangered?

Have you ever wondered why Red Pandas are endangered? There are less than 10,000 Red Pandas left in the wild. Here is why. First, Red Pandas are killed. They are poached/killed for their fur which they turn into hats. Also they are hunted as trophies. Second they are caught in traps. Red Pandas are sometimes caught in traps meant for other animals like deer and hogs. Another reason they die is because of starvation. They also die because of deforestation. Third, they are used as pets. First of all, they will sometimes die in homes. Second of all, they are not fed the right food and die. Apperentally, Red Pandas need more help then you think!

red pandas are also very cute!!!

How can we help?

Have you ever wondered how we can save the Red Panda? Well, first you can donate money. You can donate to the World Wildlife Fund and The Red Panda Network. Second, if you donate you might get a gift or 2 back!! And last, if you donate to The World Wildlife Fund you can help all sorts of animals! Second of all, you could ask the president to help in a letter! Also you could ask to put more of them in zoos because they live longer there! For example, the Red Panda lives from 8-10 years in the wild, and 10-15 years in a zoo! Last but not least, you could make posters and phone calls to let people you know to ask them to help! you can also learn more about Red Pandas to help save them! Clearly, we can save the Red Panda if we try!

help save the red panda!
bye for now!


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