Teagan mudslingers member spotlight

Here's the first of our member spotlights. We like to know and share a little about the wonderful riders and horses who are part of our community. First up: Teagan, who this year is moving on up from lead line on her favorite pony, Honey.

How would you describe your horse: I'm riding Honey! She's the best horse I ever had and she's beautiful! She likes to nibble me and she loves treats. Sometimes she's lazy and sometimes she's fast.

Favorite pattern: My favorite pattern is Poles 1 and Poles 2 because my pony loves poles and she listens very well.

Best coaching you've received: "Slide your hand to the knot and look up and turn your head."

Favorite moment: My favorite part is that I get to go with my mommy and my sister and my whole family and spend the day together and that I'm not on lead line anymore!

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