How To Survive 5th Grade In Mrs.Kolff's Class Lilly Watters

This is the 2016-2017 class
Here are some helpful tips to help you survive Mrs. Kolffs 5th grade class

If you love your new Slime, Fidget spinner, and squishes do not bring it into the classroom Mrs. Kolff really dislikes it when you have a distraction and she has to repeat her self.

Whenever Mrs. Kolff is talking and giving important directions and you are talking to your neighbor and then after she says all the directions and you ask her "What do we do?" Is really annoying to Mrs. Kolff

The I pads at school are nice but not this nice

I-pads and chrome books can be fun but you do have higher expectations you have to be responsible with your Chromebook and I pads you can still have fun but just be sure that everything is school and 5th grade appropriate.

When it comes to behavior paws Mrs. Kolff is super competitive and loves to win and so do we!!! You have to be super good so if you are a trouble maker you ae int the complete wrong classroom.

In Mrs. Kolffs class we do blogs this is how it works... You get an TFK article and read you highlight important things and have to type a paragraph with appropriate pictures sometime when you are typing your paragraph you get to listen to music you just cant be watching th videos and if you get caught you wont have any music at all

In the hallways you have to be in a single file line no talking to your neighbor or walking in a group you can not talk in the halls and you have to walk not run or jog or skip down the halls just walk in a single silent line.

It might sound like Mrs. Kolff is super strict but shes the best teacher ever she is the coolest t teacher if you stay on her nice side but she never gets mad unless you make her mad. Anyways if you are reading this you probably have Mrs. Kolff as your teacher trust me you will have the best 5th grade experience trust me!

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