Travel to Malawi July, 2018

Join us in Malawi this summer during one of our travel opportunities and have an experience of a lifetime! *Education Connection: July 7th -July 23rd or 28th, *A Taste of Malawi: July 21st-August 12th, *M'manja Mwathu Art Camp July 21st-August 12th

All volunteers stay at our Go! Malawi campus in Mpamila Village for the majority of the trip. They stay in a house or a chalet on a plateau that overlooks Lake Malawi and borders the Ntchisi Rainforest.

Volunteers will spend time working collaboratively with community members, farmers, artists, educators and forest rangers. The goals are to teach, learn, share, inspire and encourage others to reach their goals and dreams!

Women/girls of all ages are welcome to join us in our M'manja Mwathu (In Our Hands) Art Camp at the end of July! The camp is run by Malawian artists and professionals with the overarching goal to promote gender equality and celebrate feminism! Most Malawian girls have two lone expectations in life: to become, early on, a wife and mother. Through your participation in our programs, girls learn there are many facets that contribute to their whole self, as well as begin to believe there are multiple doors to their future. Volunteers will lead activities, embrace creativity and provide inspiration through kindness and positive energy! Our daily motto and mantra is "I can do it and together we can do it!"

Go! Malawi is working on sustainable solutions with the local community to protect the Ntchisi Rainforest, and help prevent deforestation. Volunteers who sign up for "A Taste of Malawi Trip" have ample opportunity to hike into the forest and additionally work on conservation projects, such the following: Create/plan tree nurseries, assist/hike with patrolmen, analyze fresh water sources, and plant seedlings. Volunteers may join forest rangers and speak in local schools about the importance of conservation and spread awareness about the local flora and fauna.

All volunteers enjoy a trip to Lake Malawi and stay on the shores of Senga Bay. Additionally, travelers may partake in a four day safari in South Luangwa Valley National Park, just across the border in Zambia!

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