Exploration I A Look at culture through movies

Lovable children's film

Topic 1: Should gender equality be a factor when making children's movies? Disney was notoriously big for not having gender equality and it's a topic that has grown to be a huge factor in what parents show their kids, however as a child raised on older Disney films does it mean it would matter less?

For Example, in The Little Mermaid, Ariel the main character has to make the prince fall in love with her using only her looks and has lost her voice. People argue that we are teaching young girls that this is their role in society.

Topic 2: Would it be beneficial to the watcher to have both sides depicted in a war history movie? If we see both sides of a story does it take away the message and significance of the film and therefore our enjoyment in watching said film?

In war there is usually a winning and losing side, most of the time the winning side is what we depict in movies (especially if we are the winning side), but would movies be less enjoyable if a losing side gets to depict their part in the war. War is symbolic, as it shows how we have overcome a great odd, but would anyone really want to see the Germans side of World War 2?

Topic 3: Why is it more important to the masses that an animal (mostly dogs) survive the film but a human can be tortured for entertainment? You can have a film like I am Legend evoke a very emotional response when the dog dies, but films like Saw instead inspire a certain amount of glee. What does that say about our psychological health?

There are a total of seven Saw films to date, each more gorier than the last, however people flock to watch them and usually feel no remorse at character deaths. Does this desensitize us to feel sympathy? Why is it that there is a whole website devoted to whether or not a dog dies in the film, why does it matter to us so much?

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