Harn Museum By Isaac Gordon


I enjoyed my visit to the Harn Museum of Art. The building has a beautiful interior, and they had selected unique and interesting pieces of art to display. It reminded me how much power art has and the depth of human life that it can capture. I am confident that art plays a role in achieving “the good life”


Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

When I first saw this untitled work by John Chamberlain, I had absolutely no idea what it was. Upon further examination, it appeared to be a colored ball of aluminum foil on a gigantic scale. I found it interesting how unique the sculpture was. When I think of sculptures I typically picture the greek gods carved out of marble, or maybe even some abstract shapes such as the french fries at the Marston Library but those types always seemed to have a logical pattern behind them. I love how the artist went out of his way to challenge the status quo, and redefine our concept of a sculpture. It made me feel a little bit foolish for having such a narrow preconceived idea of what a sculpture is supposed to be.

David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing

Design of the Museum

By far my favorite wing of the museum was the Asian Art Wing. Every detail of the room added to the experience. The elegant hardwood floors, the flood of natural light from the windows, and the outdoor garden all helped me to appreciate the art. I think the underlying factor that made it appealing was how all of these elements made me feel close to nature. This is especially important for Asian art, which often revolves around a theme of balance and harmony with nature.


Art and Core Values

Growing up the second of nine kids, family has always been one of things I value the most. "Family" shows the bond between two parents and their child, even though the figures are faceless, its difficult not to imagine the loving way the parents look at their child. This piece gives me nostalgia and reminds me of how blessed I am to have great parents, and great siblings. It reminds me to always value family bonds in life, whether they are mine or someone else's.

The Estrogen Bomb Update

Art and the Good Life

The Estrogen Bomb Update is a feminist piece that shows in a provocative way, how a certain feminist group would like to change the world. It preaches a message of peace, compassion, and equal opportunity. I feel that for any life to be called a "good life" it must be lived out in this manner. At the core of this piece is the idea of treating others as we would ourselves and leading a selfless life. I think selflessness is perhaps the most important trait in living a fulfilling life.

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