Using Google Chromebooks in the Classroom A practical guide to using Chromebooks to enhance learning

Chromebooks are a Google based technology. Office 365 is still compatible with the Chromebooks. You have the option of using the G-Suite or Office 365 with your class. It may be best to stick with one platform to ensure continuity.

Chromebooks are different than traditional laptops. Chromebooks look like a laptop, function like mobile devices, and have the advantages of both. Here are a multitude of links and tips to using the Chromebooks in your classroom.

Where to start

Our good friend, Joe Marquis has created a SMORE (a webpage) with important information regarding the specifics when using a DPCDSB Chromebook. Read through this basic tutorial before introducing them to your class. It goes through how to get your students to log on and other basic functions. Click on the TEXTBOX below that says "DPCDSB SMORE"


Chromebooks work differently than traditional laptops and tablets. Access the following link for a list of all the keyboard shortcuts.

Click the textbox below for 100 Tips for Using the Chromebooks.

Choose your own adventure

The link below brings you to a webpage to watch a video tutorial on how to use the Chromebooks. The page has tutorials based on your familiarity with the Chromebooks: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced.

Apps on the chromebooks

There are a variety of apps on the Chromebooks. Some are also on iPads and some are specific to the Chromebooks. See below for some video tutorials on specific apps.

How to use storybird
How to use read & write google
How to use google drive
How to use padlet
How to use nearpod
How to use google keep
How to use snapverter
How to use desmos
How to use voice note
how to use webpage sticky notes
How to use cite this for me
How to use mindmup 2.0
How to use open dyslexic
How to use google drawings
How to use vernier graphical analysis
How to use newsela
How to use screen castify
How to use word reference extension

Lastly.....this is a link to Google Templates. Some are REALLY cool. You should COPY them to your Drive and then edit them. Follow the instructions on the page. Click the button below that says google templates.

Reach out to your sat and tech coaches for further support!

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