Isaac Singer By Christina Willis

Born: October 27, 1811 in Pittstown, New Jersey

Became mechanic as teen

Dad is Adam Singer German immigrant

The first machine he made was a wood and metal carving machine.

opened manufacturing company

in 1850 became a sewing machine repair man

Then he made his own machine.

machine could sew 900 stitches per minute

Elias Howe sued him trying to get patent

founded I.M. Singer & Company with Edward Clark

First patent 1839

made parts for sewing machines

opened 3 more factories

1863 renamed Singer Company

1867 opened in Glasgow, Scotland

His machines became first home appliance.

had 2 kids William and Lillian Singer

Last wife; Isobelle Eugenie Boyce Summerville

moved to England


Created with images by ArturoYee - "Singer Machine - performed many stitches" • Anerma - "sewing machine antique global brand" • gina pina - "Singer Sewing Machines logo sign"

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