Renaissance 2017 Week one

Beginning to research!!!

This week we began research, we looked on many websites and looked in a few books and we found that renaissce people only eat twice a day. Breakfast was between 9am and 10am. Supper was at 5pm.

Grace reading over a website to get facts

This week we got over 150 facts on what kinda of food they eat, when they eat, and how they eat. This week we didn't have class one day due to mcas but we still managed to get a lot of info. Also, Grace was out one day this week but she did extra work to make up for it. Danyaka went on a helpful website and took a bunch of notes on the certain types of foods peasants and nobles eat.

Paige working hard to read a book and take notes on it

We learned this week many different types of foods that people eat. Some pope eat soups, cheeses, roasts, salads, fish, pastas, pasteries, seasonings, and side dishes. Some food is very expensive that's why some peasants only eat food like soup or mush. Merchants and nobles had fancy feasts with roasts and beef. Usually when you ate you ate with a local family or you went to an inn

Danyaka's awesome notes and grace being so happy to be doing food in the Renaissance project !!

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