SHMS • MAY 2017 • VOLUME 2 • ISSUE 6

Fidget Spinners

by Lauren Hubert

Fidget Spinners are the new craze this month, but next month it will be something else. But maybe not for some kids. Fidget Spinners are a stress, anxiety, and boredom relief. But they are also for kids with ADHD and ADD who are fidgety. Some doctors actually recommend fidget Spinners for certain fidgety patients. So for some kids they will still have their fidget Spinners and be using it when the craze is over.

Most of the kids who have a Fidget Spinner in school don't need it. Some teachers are taking different approaches on Fidget Spinners. Some teachers hate them and are banning them, and saying they will keep them until June if they see one in their class. But other teachers are using them as a benefit and seeing the positive side to them. One teacher puts the fidget Spinner on the screen on the board to use it as a timer for math problems while the fidget Spinner spins. Then some teachers flat out have fun with them and try to do tricks with them. Some teachers think the spinners helps with getting the kids less distracted and less fidgety during class.

Teachers have some very different opinions on fidget Spinners.

Pros and Cons of the IPad

By Lexi Herrmann

The Sweet Home Middle School and Sweet Home High School students have school iPads to use for school work. Some kids do exactly as their teachers ask to do on their iPads while others gmail their friends or look online while they're supposed to be doing their math worksheet. Most people love the iPads, but while there are tons of advantages, there are also tons of disadvantages.


•The iPads in the classroom will get even the most stubborn students excited and engaged about going to school.

•Phones won't last through the whole day but the iPads are the exact opposite. The device will make it through the whole school day without dying, which is very good for the school day.

•The iPads has the great ability to interact with a variety of different apps. There seems to be an app for anything, and the number of educational apps just keeps growing and growing.

•When you have iPads, you basically eliminate the need for textbooks, so no more back-breaking book bags!

•E-books on the iPads save alot of trees. The books are more up-to-date too!

•There are so many shy students in school that are not willing to speak in class, so using the discussion tool in Schoology allows more people who have great ideas speak out.


•Multiple windows and files can't be kept open side-by-side. Although this is definitely a negative if you're trying to multitask, it may be good for keeping students focused on one thing that they're supposed to be doing and not many things.

•Some schools find that the iPad is just too expensive. One solution is for schools to even purchase the cheaper iPad mini instead.

•There is also always the possibility of a student being distracted and wandering onto other sites or emailing other students during class.

•The iPad is a great content viewer, but unfortunately it's not as great for content creation. It's better for light writing.

•iPads were designed to be personal devices. With the incapability to enter logins, each student needs his/her own IPad. If students are sharing iPads, they can't share personal information.

As you can see there are many advantages of kids having their own school iPads, but also many disadvantages.

Habit #6: Synergize!

By Molly Zimmer

Have you ever noticed that when geese fly in a “V” shape, they are working together? Well, when a goose is sick or wounded, other geese stay with that goose until they are healed. This is an example of Synergizm that can be found in nature. Geese are just like humans: we have to stick together and work together throughout life.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

Synergizing simply means work together! It also means to celebrate each other's differences, and be open minded. It's important to Synergize and get along so you can become better in life. In the future you need to be able to work with others in a job. They might not hire you if you don't work well with others. We are all better together.

In school it is important to Synergize if you have to work on a project together, or if you just have to partner up. If you don't work well with others, it is going to be harder to get your work done, and it will probably upset your teachers too. Next time you have to work with someone else remember to always Synergize. Or, when you are with a group of people always be open minded. Don't judge someone, celebrate each other's differences!

To find out more about Synergizing, check out the book, “The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Teens, by Sean Covey.

Team Day Photos

Sixth grade selfies

The winning photo is...

Seventh grade escape box times

And the winning team is....

Eighth grade tower building

And the winning tower is....

Panther Luncheon!

It's that time again for the Panther Luncheon! Here's some photos for a peek into the Luncheon.

The Sweet Home Panther hanging out with some students and teachers!
Thanks for making this school a better place guys!

A special thanks to all the faculty and staff who made this possible. Thanks guys!

Dress Code

By Emma Zimmer

It's that time of year again!! The weather is getting warmer and school is winding down. Teens are beginning to wear lighter (and less) clothing to keep cool during the warmer school days. But sometimes, the things we wear at home aren't the same things we should wear to school. Here are some tips to help you look great while still following the Dress Code.

Ms. Taylor, head of the Character Ed Committee, gave us information about the Sweet Home Dress Code from the Student Handbook. The following is what is written in the Student Handbook:

We all must take pride in the way we dress in order to show respect for ourselves, others, and for our school community. Any article of clothing that interferes with the learning of other students is not acceptable. The following items would be considered inappropriate for school:

•Attire and accessories bearing an expression or insignia which is insulting or obscene, or which advocates racial or religious prejudice, or is offensive in any way.

•Attire and accessories bearing an expression or insignia of alcohol, drug and/or tobacco product.

•Extremely brief or see-through garments such as muscle shirts, tank tops, spaghetti strap tops, tube tops, net tops, halter-tops, or articles with plunging necklines.

•Blouses or shirts that reveal undergarments or expose a student’s stomach/back.

•Shorts or skirts that are too short.

•Pants worn low below the waist. Undergarments may not be exposed.

•Pajama pants, tops and/or slippers.

•Hats, hoods, or outdoor clothing worn during the school day.

•Chains, chain wallets, spiked or studded jewelry. These could cause injury to other students.

Important Reminders:

•Shorts or skirts must reach the tip of the fingers when arms are resting at the sides.

•Sleeveless shirts must be at least two fingers wide as they cross the shoulder.

•Footwear must be worn at all times.

•Any student dressed inappropriately will be asked to change before he/she will be permitted to return to class. The child may be asked to call their parent or guardian in order to request that a change of clothing be brought to school. If this is not possible, a student may be asked to wear a clean piece of clothing provided by the school.

Thanks Ms.Taylor!!

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