Nature Activity at FLMNH Amanda Holloway

Nature on Display

When it is said that Natural History Museums are designed to immerse you in nature, it is kind of understood that you are still inside, immersed in displays about nature. However, at the Florida Museum of Natural History, there was the butterfly exhibit. This is exhibit was actually outside with real plants and butterflies and nature. If I had just stood and read about the different kinds of butterflies, I would not have retained any of the information. Yet, because the information was presented to me by a knowledgeable worker as he released live butterflies right before my eyes, I remember everything from the experience.

Walking through the brand new Frog exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History, I felt more of a member of the "biotic community" than a "conqueror of the land". The exhibit included frogs from all over the world, all with different colors and physical attributes that helped them survive in their environment. There were frogs that had long toes to climb trees and frogs that were the color of the mud they lived in. Seeing these other species that are thriving and surviving all around the globe reminded me that this planet is not just ours. I respect and admire the frogs for being able to adjust to their environments. Everyone walking through the exhibit seemed a little in awe and I think we all walked out seeing nature a little bit differently.

The Natural Museum made me understand that this planet has gone through so many changes and that my life on it is so short compared to the time it has been around. It showed me species come and go which resonated with me because humans are not going to be around forever. The museum had a timeline and showed how the planet was basically submerged by water and then ice. The museum taught me, and should teach others, that we are just guests on this Earth. It made me understand that there are so many bigger things going on and that we should appreciate the majesty of the natural world. Who knows when a meteor will hit and it will all change again? The Natural History Museum made me step out of my ordinary life and take a closer look at what happened before even the dinosaurs roamed the Earth. It makes me wonder what will happen in the future.

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