For your project, you and your 3 partners will create your own country. Give your country a name, and draw a map of your country. Be sure to include references to land, water, cities, roads and whatever else you feel your country needs on your map! Also include a key of some sort. BE CREATIVE.

What does your country need to survive?

You get to decide! Then, explain your country to everyone using a blog of your choice!

Use the educational sites below or other sites and research different countries to get an idea of what your country might need in order to succeed.


To present your project you will create an interactive blog that teaches others all about your new country. You may use the Google Blog or another blog of your choice. Your blog needs to be at least 5 paragraphs long and needs to include at least 5 pictures. Do not forget to put your name on it! Below is another site you may use to write your blog.

After you are done

After you write your blog, check out 3 other blogs from the class and leave a kind comment for your classmates!

Project Blog must be live by March 25, 2017.

Email Miss. Penner for Questions:


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