AAPS project paves way for University students and Communities into Participatory Planning & Development. Know Your City, plan your settlement within informal settlement of uganda

Various key stakeholders were mobilized towards achieving project aim of Participatory planning and development. This was achieved through a series of forums mobilized at settlement and municipal level as platforms to summon relevant project stakeholders like slum dwellers, academia, private sector and Urban authorities representatives.

Makerere University students meeting with the Municipal Physical planner at Jinja Municipal council .

Data collection process involved a number of activities where the communities and other stakeholders were mobilized and directly empowered to participate in project process.

Students Mapping settlement boundary and services with guidance from local leaders in Soweto settlement Jinja
Makerere students doing settlement boundary inspection together with local and opinion leaders in Soweto settlement.
Review of Municipal Physical development plan at Jinja Municipal Council by Makerere University students to aid planning and development of Kibugambata and Soweto.
Questionnaire administration by the local enumerators team and data validation after the enumerations


Project Achievements: ACTogether, NSDFU and Makerere Physical Planning Students,

Drafted, presented Kibugambata and Katabi-busabaga Physical development plan for approval by the community and Municipal councils. Launched Kalimali Solid waste management scheme in Kawempe,

Katabi-Busambaga Market site plans
Presentation of Kibugambata settlement plan to Jinja Municipal council for approval
Makerere University and ACTogether presentation of Kata bi-busabaga Market Site plan to Entebbe Municipal Physical Planning committee at Entebbe Municipal Council
Executive Director and Chairman to ACTogether Uganda and NSDFU respectively, launched Kalimali Garbage management scheme in Kalimali Kawempe. Waste containers were introduced within 4 settlement clusters to supplement on the existing garbage/waste management approaches.


Huge Garbage at Kalimali was disposed off into waste skips, residential corridors and drainage channels with poor management schemes within the settlement, hence ranking garbage management as their first ranked development priority by the community.
ACTogether introduced a participatory approach for waste management where Community members and Leaders were mobilized to exemplary carryout waste general cleanliness of the Settlement during the Garbage Management Scheme at Kalimali
ACTogether Uganda and NSDFU mobilized the community for general cleanliness in Kalimali through outdoor communication to create awareness about the program underway.
Community, National Slum Dwellers Federation of Uganda (NSDFU), ACTogether and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) were engaged in a number of program activities such as gulping the drainage channels, cleaning, sweeping, waste burning and others during the launching of Kalimali Garbage management Scheme.
ACTogether and NSDFU established garbage management facilities in Kalimali in partnership with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) to enhance proper garbage management at Kalimali Kawempe.


Head of Architecture and Physical Planning Department taking his Opening remarks before the presentation of AAPS Project achievements by Physical Planning students at CEDAT.
Makerere students presentation of Physical Development site plans to their fellow physical planning students & departmental lecturers, NSDFU at Makerere University to exchange learning and experience.
Physical Planning Lecturer appreciating students' presentation, enlightening the future of AAPS project in Uganda and his closing remarks about the Project at CEDAT Makerere University.

Challenges Experienced during the AAPS Project

  • Interference with the University curriculum
  • Parallel national programs
  • High expectations from the project beneficiaries
  • Limited project lifespan
  • Respondents absence at their households during enumeration and profiling exercises.
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