Hussein S MM

My beloved mother: the heart will not be enough ... if I write to satisfy you ... And the soul will not reward ... Abeer Fah Btaitk ... My dear mother: Create the sea to embrace the wave of sand and rocks .. The sun shines to damage the warmth of the deserts and the sea .. There are butterflies always with the thinest roses and flowers .. Um Bahri .. And Shams .. And bouquet Zahra .. I need you Douma, I love you forever. Do not trust hearts except you. And the rocks do not soften except for your Hanukkah .... You are the love ... The paradise is under your feet .... I love you Mom ... Good morning to you every morning ... O coolest warmth, the most beautiful voice ... Alec every evening .. You are the perfume of the evening ... And the morning sun You are only ... The story of my eternal love The first pulse ... The thinner heart You all the roses ... You like the lovers' poems ... You only deserve it only you ... All tenderness. .. Mom, good morning, all good. My mother is everything for me. In my culture we say she's air we breathe one day is not enough to thanks her like in mother. She did everything for us to make us something in this world. By Samer Hamdan
My friends will on my distress days bothers me, I share my thoughts and my troubles, I try to get out of my way. This is my friend. I do not have the name. I do not say that the original origin of the original metal is true, but my friend did not become a genius. I hide it say time left and I say time and I say friendship years away and decline and say that the hearts are stronger between sense and sense of friendship Tlm Khaltni with the paper meanings I wrote from the Loyalty story that happen to me. By Hamed Safadi Friendship is the second half of man, and in the traffic of the world we can only live with a friend with whom we live days with its solution and bitter, relieve our pain and worries, and help us to good and advise us if we short. I get my friends back and they get mine they tell me secret and i them secret I won't say it
This mostly why my family decided to come to USA we wanted better life school safe country i am so thankful for that paying taxes to let us come to leg immigration come to usa and government. And should every immigration think how to give back to Americans and the country.

Iraq is the country of civilization and glories, and on its land many innocent citizens were martyred, and the Arabs bear all the love and loyalty to this hospitable country, and because of its great place in our hearts we will remind you in this article some poetic verses written by poets about Iraq.

The city of love I walk in your streets and I see the love of my life with my coffins. I took the shape of a graveyard and the people of my house borrowed hostile hatred. Gardens of love, no roses, no trees, no houses, but barracks, as if I were an album. I was playing in your caves and tears of humiliation shining between my eyelids. Do not hit me. ? And he who was the birth of every human being this Palm Jrbaa Nkhaltna which is yesterday of trees Radwan? This dumb laugh we laughed at these actions or the whims of a demon? This Bishop, the fire is guarding us, masters of the house, have you lost my address? Are you my mother and are you my father and I am the son of my house or is my concern blind? Faces face a similar torment and in the insides boiling a thousand volcano the hearts of my family and my beloved became a stone on the ground or in the second planet? You killed love and it is the light in my homeland Do not ask me to slow down .. Who is the culprit? Father of the Euphrates has paralyzed the sorrow of my lungs and you are breaking the constraint of my grief, I am astonished by your deafness, my father, my pen, my songs, my songs and my songs, not your beaches, how long they were, and I did not heal my wounds, nor did I heal you. And as the mujahideen, I scream in the paths, enough is not my darling, nor is the khulan khilani
Me and my friends play for losing or winning we just want have nice game and clear not cheating or anything else

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