Angel's Number the Stars Book Diary By Angel


I think that war is has a horrible smell with all of the rotting people that had died. Could you think being at the place were the war was happening hearing the guns shoot that will keep you up all night. I think touching a body with feel really weird with seeing some of the bones that some peoples loved ones had to go though.

In World War 11 ||, people in those countries probably felt scared because of loud noises that they have to hear in in till the war in over. The people that had families in the war and finding out that they were killed.


I think about neighbors is that they could be nice or mean. They could have some problems.

If there was a war in my neighborhood i

Number The Stars

Literary Analysis

"Be one of many. Be sure that they never have a reason to remember your face" Mama means that if they run again in town that the guard will notice them and he will say " I thought you told me that you wouldn't run in town no more?" and Annemarie's sister will tell her mom. So then they will get scolded and they will have to take a longer route to school. I think Mama said this because to protect her children and Ellen from the dangers from having them see them go the same route everyday and they might be able to tell their leader and they could come and take them from their mom's.

1. Annmarie probably felt scared because she is having a friend over at her house that shouldn't be their and with Ellen's parents not being there too. 2. I think it's similar because having a guard come up to you and saying to your friend "Who is the dark haired one" , and with having your parents pull out a picture of the person that Ellen is being so that she can survive without having a guard kidnap her. 3.


We just read chapter 9 in Number The Stars, therefore I think that when they open the casket that it will be Annemarie's father because all of her family and friends are there

We just read chapter 12 and 13, in chapter 12 Annemarie was worried for her mother because it was 4AM and her mother wasn’t back. In chapter 13 Annemarie had found her mother but she had fallen because while she was running she had tripped on a root that was above ground, then Mr Rosen had tripped on a step and he had dropped something important, then now Annemarie has to go give Henriek the little box. Therefore, I predict that while Annemarie is running to give Henriek the box that soldiers will ask her why she is running.


Man vs Nature

The reason why I had chose this as my photo is because nature is involved invert dangerous stuff like tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes, high wind speeds, heavy rainstorms, sandstorms, even cold and darkness, and sometimes tree roots can be a danger, but by ignoring those horrible thing try to look on the bright side of things.

"Only now, entering the woods in the footpath, did Annemarie realized how cold the dawn was. She had watched and helped, earlier, as the others donned sweaters, jackets, and coats; and she had peered into the night, following them with her eyes, as they moves silently off, bulky in their garments, blankets in their arms." page 106. Annemarie learned rich people have better clothes them some of the people with less money, and they also wear bulky clothes.

I know that this is a type of conflict because in the path there are roots that can make her fall and twist her ankle, and also the darkness is also a problem because she might not be able to see the animals that hide in the darkness or she might run into a tree.

Man vs. Man

The reason why I had chosen this photo is because dogs are the ones to fight for some important stuff like territory or their lovers, and dogs usually use their teeth and claws.

Annemarie had yelled at Henrike because he couldn't tell her the truth yet because he was worried that Annemarie might tell Ellen and Kirsty might be listening to their conversation.

I know that this is a man vs man conflict because Annemarie and Henrike got into a little argument and he wouldn't tell her the truth about Great Aunt Bertie.

Man vs. Self

Annemarie had to think about telling the guards about Ellen being Jewish but she didn't because she had been she best friend for years and their is no way she will give it up.

this is a man vs self conflict because she had to think to give Ellen to the guards or protect Ellen but she had decided to protect her because she wanted to know where the Rosens are and where she is going to go to protect Ellen

Man vs society

The reason why I had chosen this photo is because on social media everyone is always judging people on social media like as if you're a model waiting to be judged, or they judge you looking at you.

while Annemarie was looking at the guards the guards was looking at Ellen and asked "Who is the dark haired one" and Ellen freaked out because she was in a family with blonde kids and she have brown hair, but luckily Annemarie's older sister who had died had brown curly hair when she was born.

Ellen thought that the guards was going to take her away and kill her because of her hair but at least Lease had brown curly hair.


The theme in Number the Stars is sometimes it's better to lie to protect your friends and family then to lose everything you need.

This theme means to protect yourself and your friends and family or to lose everything you got and be homeless or be captured by the natizes.

" Can you fix this? I

Vocabulary Words

Lanky & Stocky

"She was a stocky ten-year-old, unlike lanky Annemarie." (page 1)

Based on this sentence, these words are comparing the girls. It is their physical features, which are opposite because it uses the word "unlike".

Lanky means tall and skinny. Stocky means big and bulky.

Suffix -y. relating to or filled with; Other words: mess,cheesy,lucky




"But Annemarie heard Mama





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